Thursday, 10 September 2015

Celebrate Blogging, Celebrate My Living

Words can create magic,
Pouring your heart is the trick,
Lovely amalgam mind & soul,
Makes a creation that call & recall..

Poetry and writing are always my passion. Every emotion good or bad I always capture n treasure with it and suddenly I thought to give dimension to my love & passion.

My Love for words & Passion of writing.
My Love for poems & Passion of rhyming.
My Love for expressions & Passion of expressing.
My Love for listenting & Passion of saying.

With all my love & passion, I step into the big creative world of blogging just few days back and started celebrations of saying my heart and being listened.

I celebrate blogging by dedicating my time to my life my blog.
I celebrate blogging with my sleepless nights when I write my heart out and my super naughty little prince have a silent sleep by my side.
I celebrate blogging by fetching time from my busy household schedule and curating my thoughts.
I celebrate blogging by just listing to my mind and writing with my heart.
Truly saying I don't celebrate blogging I celebrate my life, my heart & above all being myself by blogging.

For me blogging is the way of celebrating my identity, my thoughts, my heart and my soul.

An opportunity to speak my way - blogging,
A way to express what I think - 
An optimistic approach intimate my heart - 
A strategy to bond my heart and mind - 
An example for myself that I have it in me - 
An approch for me to celebrate my living - 
A celebration of being just me - blogging.

Ever since I entered this blogging world, I celebrate blogging with my every breath, my every Heartbeat, every word I thought, every expression I write. 

I am writing for #WIN15 – BlogAdda’s Blog Awards on how to#CelebrateBlogging! You should too!”