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Woman's Heart Conflict – Family Blessing Or Burden

She Plays Many Rolls,
But Still Alone In Life’s Trolls,
A Daughter Handed Over To His Perfect Man,
But Perfection Doesn’t Exists On Human Land,
Always Accompanied But Always Alone,
Why She Is Choosen For This Tough Role,
Father Use To Call Her First In His Needs,
It’s Happening Same Way In Life Every Creed.
She Felt Blessed To Perform Every Role,
But Was Burdened By No Help At All,
A Daughter,  A Wife,  A Mother She Is,
But Noone Bother About What She Actually Wish,
Fullfilling Desires Of Everyone Around,
Her One Desire Has Only Demand Sound,
She Serves You 24X7 In Every Need,
But Nobody Bother To Ask How She Feel,
Her Emotions,  Her Health Always On Stake,
But When You Are Concerned She Never Wait,
Her Pains Are Never Visible,
She Understands Your Smallest Trouble.
She Was Accepted To Understand You Without You Frame Your Words,
But Her Words Always Go Unheard,
In Your Chase Of Life, She Needs To Be By Your Side,
But Who Cares About Her Dreams She Kept Aside.
Her Heart Aches And Cry Loud,
While Tears Stop In Eyes As Cloud,
She Always Say With A Heavy Heart,
I Am Blessed That You Are My Life’s Part.

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