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Escape To Paradise

A Women In Conflict,
Want Some Peace,
Some Especially Designed Me Time,
Is All She Need,
Where She Can Have A Paradisal Feeling,
And A Sense Of Ease.
A Place Where Beauty Meet Elegance,
A Place Where Comfort Meet Excellence,
A Place Where She Get A Feel Of Queen,
With Her Naughty Munchkin.

No Household Chaos,
No Cooking Troubles,
A Place Where,
She Wish And Get It Served.

Though my Abode is my little paradise, hand crafted by me to
the excellence and is definitely just my choice. But with every passing day
with same repetitive routine, sometimes the place you just crafted with par
excellence, becomes a place you want to be away, to fetch some me time outside
my abode to a new paradise.

Travelling to search a routine free paradise for me is not possible always. So
I decided search a place in my own beautiful city “New Delhi”. Delhi is surely
my heart and I can’t find more peace and fun anywhere in the world, still
travelling is my passion but it’s time to search peace.

In my search to an awesome hotel in New Delhi, I searched many options and many
sites and finally got my answer with ClearTrip. And now I have my
favorite Three hotels in New Delhi, where I am dying to have my much awaited
holidays and relax to the core.

The Park New Delhi, Connaught Place.


paradise in the heart of Delhi. It’s one look will flatter you and make you
carve to spend few days there. One of the most renowned 5 – star Luxury hotel.
With exciting recreational and leisure facilities. It’s definitely going to be
Park Paradise for me.
The beautiful ambience surely make my stay peaceful and the way I wanted.
Definitely the positive reviews gives a boost to my thought of planning my
escape. Located in heart of Delhi it will surely help me enjoy the Delhi Heights
where My son can enjoy Jantar Mantar Near by.
Pic Courtesy:ClearTip.com
surely an heaven in Delhi. Another 5-Star Luxury hotel where the beauty calls
for the stay with just one look. Ambience here is so calm and composed that you
don’t want to step out of the comfort zone ever. With beautiful and surely luxurious
space around, I am sure I am going to get the best peace and lots of luxury and
stay here will surely make my holidays much more fun. It’s going to be a stay
at paradise option. With countless amenities and an outdoor pool that offer
panoramic view of my Delhi, being there is nothing less than being in paradise
of my dreams. 

Pic Courtesy:ClearTip.com

WelcomHotel, Dwarka.


masterpiece by ITC Hotel Group. 5-Star Luxury hotel located in Asia’s largest
sub-city Dwarka. It surely represents timeless grace and style with awesome and
irresistible amenities. It’s a perfect stay for much awaited me time. Here
beauty surely meets perfection and creates magic. Its surely another paradisal
abode in my Delhi where I need to stay.


Pic Courtesy:ClearTip.com

My three favorites are surely a must stay.

My Search To My Paradise,
ClearTrip Comes With An Awesome Advice,
With My Requirements,
According To My Needs,
They Have Many Options To Greet,

With So Many Options In Mind,


Its Now My
Turn To Decide,
Becoming A Savior In My Search,
ClearTrip Thank You So Much.

Cleartrip IndiBlogger Contest Winner

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