Sunday, 17 January 2016

Website Review - - Free Online Marketplace for Everyone

Newly Wed she, in a totally new city. Everything is new, New city,  New way of living, New family and new she but only one thing is old, her passion, her hobby and her art and craft talent. She is an expert in paper quilling and flower making.

One day,  she hesitantly said to her husband,
She : I really want to take my hobby ahead.
Hubby : How?
She : I wanna sell my creativity.
Hubby : It's not that easy.
She : It's very easy with
Hubby : Really,  How?
She : Excitedly,  Let me explain., an idea conceived and brought to the lovely world by Ossian Vogal and Frank de Vries during the economic crisis.

All thank to them,  to bring solution to problems of complicated and expensive online selling is converted to a smooth walk by them. is a online marketplace for small businesses.
Its Just 3 step process:
1. Create Online Shop(Free Online Shop Or Free Facebook Shop)
2. Sell Online.
3. Make Money Online.

Yes its as simple as it. And it's totally Free.
Hubby Exclaimed,  O Wow,  that's awesome. U can start from today.

She now owns her business, selling her little beautiful art items and making money. All thanks to

This can be your story too.  Lets know how :

What to do?
In simple words, Join

How To Join?
Just go to, register and create your free website, get your free online shop and get your free Facebook shop where you can sell with the help of widgets.

What Can Be Sold?
Anything and everything that's meant to be sold.
You can have any number of products and sell the way you want. Everything from products,  shipping,  mode of payment is decided by you.

How Much It Cost? 
Nothing. Guyssss read it loud,  it's Free. Basic version of is free and allows you to do everything. Even ezebee don't take any commission from seller. Isn't it great.
Hey much more is there in store if u pay 3.90 Euro a month,  and trust me its ain't much for the business you gonna get.

How It Help? is just not an website, it's a free online marketplace created with a mission to make business accessible around the world. It's a marketplace where you can sell you product globally.
Just become the part of ezebee community, show your products and sell. And mind it, there is no hidden cost.
So all entrepreneurs or individual who want to give new boom to there business or skills is the solution for you.

Join now.
Happy Selling.