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Impact Of Gadgets On Toddlers

Parenting is the biggest and yet undiscovered topic in the world. Everyone has their own style of good parenting which is surely not the correct way as per others.
Ahh,  so much confusion, I always think why the hell people are so interested in others life. Being mother myself, I understand how it feel when someone point out your way of parenting. It hurts and my heart and me screams, Oh Please, I am the mother and I know what’s best for my little baby. Come on guys stop guiding a mother she is taking care of her own part.
Well the debate on righting parenting has no end and I believe every way of parenting is perfect,  it’s just a view of every mother on one thing or other.  May be what I support other may not and vice versa. But until and unless our little bundle of joy is happy, and trust me every baby is happy when their momma is around.
In today’s gadgetfreak days,  one of the biggest point of debate over parenting is all about Gadgets And Babies.
Is Gadgets Good For Babies?  How It Impact On Their Overall Development?

My Take On Gadgets Impact On Toddlers. Being a mother of super active son of 2 years and 3 Months, to be precise and being in a nuclear family,  I completely support the concept of gadgets and babies as it helped me and my baby in many ways.
How It Helped My Baby :
It gives my baby an extra activity to do. Especially when he get bored with toys and am busy.
My son learned a lot of new things and it helped his development in positive way.
My 2.3year son knows alphabets, numbers,  shapes, colors, types of transport, animals,  birds and what not. He can solve jigsaw puzzles, can match shapes and what not. (P.S. I haven’t got a chance to teach him)
Ahh I forgot to mention rhymes and storytelling in his broken sentences. It surely helped my kiddo’s developing mind and gives him a wide exposure.
Gadgets are surely one of the main reason to my son’s sharp memory and help his development in every way.
Gadgets positively help my son to stimulate his senses and imagination. They also helps to promote listening ability, learning of sounds and also speaking ability.
Gadgets and games play positive effects in encouraging cognitive learning and development of analytical skills. Also helps in building up his  innovative thinking, investigative skills, strategic thinking and foster his creativity potential.
Ohh I forgot to tell,  my baby owns his very own iPad with almost every app made for toddlers and trust me he is not at all addicted to it.
The exposure of my kiddo with gadgets and his development goes hand in hand.
How It Helped Me :
Being in a nuclear family without any domestic help,  they help me to engage my baby while I am busy in household activities.
Gadgets gives me a satisfaction that my baby is surely doing something creative and knowledgeable when am busy and ensure his  safety as he’ll not fall from his riders while playing.
So, I believe that gadgets surely have a positive impact on babies development and improving his skills.
P. S.  Be careful that your little one don’t get much of it. Limited timing are very important. Please take care he will not overruled by gadgets.
Happy Parenting 🙂

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