Thursday, 7 January 2016

Tech Guide : Five simple tips to save your HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

In the modern days hard disk plays an important role to share our memorable moments. It’s not only save our important office data but our personal memories too in terms of our pictures, videos and many other personal things. We have become so used to of digital information that saying it’s would be difficult to survive even a single day without these would not be exaggeration.
Have you ever thought that what would be your reaction when one morning you open your system and find that HDD has been crashed? In other words all the data of your hard disk is lost. This is even difficult to imagine. You have to run to the nearest data recovery center to recover your data. Here are the five simple steps that will definitely help you to avoid any such situation to occur.

   Shutting your system down –
Shutting the system down after getting your work done is a good habit. In these days we are so indulge on our daily tasks that we use our system like our phone and remain in open for more than 18 hours or so. It’s a common practice in youth that they left the system for downloading before going somewhere and it remains open by the time we come back. It’s good to save your time but you need to understand that electronic items also have a life and they also need to power off like we take rest. It’s always better to shut the system down if we are not going to use it for a longer time.

             Power management features –
You can use the power management features to rest your HDD. You can turn the sleep mode on of the system, this way if your computer is not in ‘acting’ state or is in idle mode then your system turn this mode on. There are many other features available that you can google to manage the power of your system.

             Monitoring Tools –
If you listen any noise from your system then never ignore it. If the sound is increasing with working then definitely there is an issue. You can recover the data on time or at least take some preventive measures. Apart from that there are many smart tools available in the market that keeps on checking of your HDD and share its state with you. In case you are seeing read/ write error continuously then it’s time to change your HDD, so better you prepare in advance for any data loss.

            Using External HDD –
These days external HDD are available in the market that can be used to share the data load or as a backup of your hard disk. You can break up the data between your internal and external drive or create a replica of your HDD data. This is a preventive and easiest way to avoid any unwanted situation. As you not need to carry your Laptop/ System with you all the time rather can carry all of your data using the portable drive.

      Atmosphere –
Bad weather caused more chances of HDD failure. You need to be aware about the weather of your surroundings. Weather shouldn’t be too humid or dry, as the chances of HDD failure increased in such situation. You can adjust the a/c temperature according to your surroundings.

Follow simple steps and keep your Hard Disk Drive safe.