Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Her Life's Journey - Free Bird To Golden Cage

Flying High To The Zenith,
Umpteen Dreams Are No Myth,
Dad’s Darling And Bro’s Best Friend,
She Is Her Family's Trend.

Her Views Counts, Her Voice Is Heard,
Her Cries Break Hearts,
She Have A Shoulder To Support,
Her Dreams Are In Everyone's Eye,
She Is Not Alone In Her Success Strive.

She Laughs In Loudest Pitch,
But Noone Give It A Hitch.
She Has A Choice To Eat,
Choice To Wear,
Seriously Nobody Cares.

Her Choices Are Considered,
She Is A Part Of Every Decision,
She Have Her Dreams To Follow,
And Have Rights To Make Them Come True.

Her Monthly Problems Are Not Curse,
She Had It To It's Worst.
She Was Loved Even When She Was Not Able To Manage,
And Have It's Traces On Her Dress.

She Can Enter The Kitchen,
Roam Around The Home Freely,
Eat Whatever She Want,
She Can Sing And Dance.
Her Life Is So Easy On Those Tough Days Too.
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And Then The Day Comes In Her Life,
Its Time For Her To Get Married, Family Decide.

A Dream Of A Prince Charming Riding On The Horse Get Bright,
She Start Dreaming About Her Mr. Right.
A Search Start,
Meeting, Chats, Questionaire And What Not.
Everyone Want Her Princess To Find Prince Of Her Dreams,
And She Dreams Of A Perfect Dreamland Too.

Search Ends,  A Man Claims Her Prince's Place, 
Promised Her The Land Of Her Dreams,
Promised Her A Life Without Pain And Screams,
And The D-day Arrive,
Holding Hands Of His Prince,
She Walk Down The Asile.

And Finally, The Princess Is In Her Prince Palace,
A Place Of Her Solace.

And Then The Dream Breaks,
And Reality Pinches Her Hard.

She Don't Have Her Own Identity Anymore,
She Need To Change From Top To Toe,
Is it something She Dream Of??
No Not At All,
But This Is What She Get,

A Flying Bird Got A Golden Cage,
Her Dreams Are Killed,
Her Views Have No Value,
Damn, She Don't Have Right To Speak.

Her Voice Is Unheard,
Her Choices Are Not Even Considered,
Her Success Run Comes To End With No Support.

Her Loud Laughter Are No More,
She Eat As Per Others Taste,
Wears What Others Want,
Her Preferences Comes To An End,
No One Is Ready To Take Her Stand.

Her Monthly Problems Changed To Curse,
Confined In A Room, She Get Treated As Worst, Sleeping On Floor, Not Allowed To Come Out Of That On Door,
Utensils Are Separated,
Food Served As Donated,
No One To Talk,
Can't Touch Anything,
And She Always Consider Her Monthly Issues A (Power Of Motherhood) Blessing.

Her Prince Charming Dreams Also Faded,
She Realized The Reality For Her Dreamland.
She Realized She Is Not The Best Anymore,
But Unable To Understand.
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Why The Daughter Treated The Best,
Why The Sister Uncomparable To Rest,
Becomes The Worst When She Got Married??

Why Her Rights To Dream,
Her Rights To Speak And Scream,

Why Her Beautiful Smile And Laughter Is Not Pleasant Anymore?
Why Her Views Are Not Significant Anymore?
Why Hers Dreams Are Not Counted?
Why Such Questions In Her Mind Not Ended?

If This Is The Impact Of Marriage In Her Life,
Then Why Can't,  She Live Alone And Survive??

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