Wednesday, 30 March 2016

‪#‎HPENVY13‬ Be Mine – Make others envy me

I heard a leading roar,
In technology jungle,
Everyone said it’s a leopard,
But I know- it’s Hewlett - Packard.

Expert new features,
Powerpacked as Leopard.
Small,  lightly built,
but faster than all in jungle.
Its can complete a long run,
Without any struggle.

Aiming the right specification,
To fulfill all demands at its best,
As Leopard aim it's pray,
And get it the perfect way.

Fast and furious,
Its a must have device,
I am aiming on it,
With my selfie and creative writing,
To be precise.

Selfie With #HPENVY13 At HP World, Plaza Mall, Gurgaon

Don't get confused,
Don't make any interpretation,
Its nothing but HP's new innovation,
HP latest ultra book #HPEnvy13.


Looks to die for,
Features u can’t ask more,
Technology with enhanced beauty,
Carving to hold you my pretty.

Slim Bezel dressed in aluminium,
Chiclet keyboard to work swiftly on.
Awesomely placed trackpad,
Will never stop my writing spree.

Brilliant graphics in just 13” screen,
Crisp text, radiant looks,
What more I can ask for.
Slim and light,
Holding it gonna be a delight.

Specifications I was searching,
Here my search is ending,
6th gen intel i5 cpu,
4GB ram, 256GB SSD,
Microsoft Windows 10
Multitasking on it, gonna be super fun.

Specifications Listed At HP World, Plaza Mall

My partner on my long run,
Long battery life,
Awesome performance,
It’s has to be my chance,
To add this to my stance.

Hp envy 13, is my dream,
I deserve it the most I scream.
Reasons are many,
Reasons are endless,
It’s a beautiful obsession I possess,
Wanna have Possession of my obsession.
It’s a showstopper beauty,
Technologically advanced,
Beauty with brain ,
Is a combination insane.

                  Selfies With #HPENVY13

HP Envy 13, gonna be my partner for life,
Gonna keep the creative writer in me alive,
For mommy in me, it’s my entertainment box,
For blogger in me, it’s my creative desk,
For traveler in me, it’s my first companion,
For photographer in me, it’s my memory chest.
For chef in me, it’s my cook book.
I deserve this, in life’s every look.

Wish to dance my heart out with my Slim and light partner for life soon.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Yummy Recipe By Mummy : Tea Time Snacks - Matthi

Tea Time..
Cups filled with yummy ginger or masala tea get served..
And thing is what's in snacks?

Yeah,  tea time is simply incomplete with snacks. And one of the most popular snacks in India is Matthi/Matthri. It's a salted crispy snacks which goes well with tea. Tastes yummy and increase the tea time which is my favorite family time.


Ingredients :
All purpose flour / Maida - 250gms
Semolina / Sooji -  100gms
Carom seeds / Ajwain -  2tbsp
Dry Fenugreek Leaves / Kasoori Methi - 2tbsp
Salt -  According To Taste
Ghee - 5tbsp
Oil - To fry

Method :
1. Mix Maida, Sooji, Ajwain,  Kasoori Methi and salt. You can add chilli powder if you love more spicy.
2. Add Ghee to above mixture and mix well.
3. With water make a proper dough.
4. Cover the dough with damp cloth and leave aside for 1-2 hours.
5. Divide the dough in equal parts.
6. Roll the dough with rolling pin. Maintain a thickness of about 1cm.
7. Cut in desired shape and size with knife or any available cutter. 

Ready To Be Fried. 

8. Deep fry in medium flame until it turn golden brown. 
9. Cool and store in a air tight container. It can be stored for 3-6months easily.

Matthi :) 

Time To Cherish Tea Time With Family.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Yummy Recipe By Mummy : Holi Special - Gujiya

With festival of colours arriving. From market to kitchen, preparations are on full swing with full holi swag. I just love this festival of colors. So this time I splashed everything with colors.

Direct from my kitchen, I bring to you some colorful holi special recipe -  Gujiya.

Colorful Gujiya 


Ingredients :

Khoya/Mawa - 1/2 Kg (Crumbled) 
Semolina/Sooji - 200gms
All Purpose Flour/Maida - 500gms
Cashew Nuts/ Kaju - 100gms (crushed) 
Almond - 100gms (Crushed) 
Raisins - 50gms
Sugar powder - 150gms
Organic Edible Colors 
Ghee - 2tbsp
Oil - For Frying 

Method :

1. In a pan,  take ghee and saute dry fruits for two minutes then add Sooji. 
2. When Sooji turns golden add khoya and stir. 
3. Then add sugar(according to your taste). Your filling is ready. 
P. S.  Keep the flame low. 

4. Make dough with all purpose flour, adding oil, color and water as required. Keep it aside covered with a damp muslin cloth. 

5. Make equal dough balls, roll it with rolling pin to a circle of 3-4 inches diameter. 

6. Take Gujiya maker, assemble the rolled  dough and layer with filling. Apply water or milk on edges and give it a proper shape with the help of Gujiya maker. 

7. Deep fry in Oil/Ghee. 

Yummy Colourful Gujiya Is Ready. 

Monday, 21 March 2016

#AtoZChallenge - Theme Reveal

Being a newbie in blogging,  I always keep asking question to Google and one of my search is answered with #AtoZChallenge.

So here I am with so many fellow bloggers ready to be part of this amazing challenge. 
AtoZ Challenge is all about continues writing in April expect sundays where everyday corresponds to an alphabet.
With liberty to write what I want with or without theme. I just loved the concept of writing with themes. 

So here I am with my theme.

In these 26days of writing I want you to know more about my country - India. With my posts I will try to give every Indian Resident feeling of pride to be a part of beautiful India and everyone who is outside India will fell in love with India and will love to visit.

26 Ways To Look At India.
26 Reasons To Explore India. 
26 Reasons To Visit India. 
26 Reasons To Love India. 
26 Days Journey To India On My Blog. 

Being a wanderlust traveler, I love exploring different places and countries but with my travel passion I understood that we need alteast one reason to travel to any destination.

So here I am with 26 beautiful reasons, that will definitely make my beautiful India your next place to visit.

This is my attempt to get the world know India through my views.
So everyone here, lets get ready to be part of a trip to India on my blog. 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

#IndvsPak - It's Much More Than Just A Match

Religion In India,
Followed By All.
Castes And Creeds,
Do Not Differentiate At All.

Where Cricket Is Worship,
Sachin Tendulkar Is God.

India vs Pakistan,
Its Not Just Match,
Its Much More.

The Day Is Never The Same,
With #IndvsPak,
There Is New Spark,
The Day Carries New Charm.

Everyone Follows Their Lucky Rituals,
Wearing Same T-shirt Of Last Win,
Eating Same Food,
Not Leaving TV Screen For A Minute,
Or Even Not Watching The Match.

Damn, Man If I See Match, India Looses.
I Want India's Win,
Keep Updating Me Scores,
I Won't Watch It.

True Love Of Indian,
A Sense Of Patriotism,
A Feel Of Pride,
A Moment Of Excitement.

Billions Of Heart,
Chants Same Words,
Only India India Is Heard.

Many At Eden Gardens,
Many More In Front Of TV Screens,
Are Wishing For India's Win.

Be It Hindu,  Muslim, Sikh Or Christian,
Today Only Cricket Is Their Religion.
Every Wicket Taken,
Every Run Earned,
By India,
Is Felt Deep.
Every Wicket Lost,
Creates A Big Grief.

People Shouting There Hearts Out,
Chanting India's Name,
Are Seekers Of India's Fame.
#INDvsPAK Is Not Just A Game.

Victory Matters More Than Anything Else,
Its A Battle With A Magical Spell,
Everyone Is So Influenced,
They Can't Take Loosing By Any Chance.

In Today's Match,
Its A Tails In The Toss,
India's Win Others Loss.

Dhoni With His Brigade,
Ready With Ball,
Start A Bowling Spree,
Ball Spins And Trolls.

Slow Runs,  Awesome
But Ye Dil Maange More,
Wicket Wicket Every Indian Heart Calls.

A Superb Catch By Pandya,
On Raina's Ball,
Starts Wicket Loss,
Which Ends With Total 5 Wickets Fall.

119 Was The Target,
India Have To Chase.
It Seems To Be A Easy Race.
Sharma And Dhawan Comes,
With Target In Mind,
But There Game Play Doesn't Seems Right.
With Every Wicket We Skip A Beat.

But Kohli And Yuvraj,
Patnering At No. 4,
We Can't Ask For More.
With Every Four,
We Demand A Six.

With Kohli's Six,
Game Result Was Fix.
We Loss Yuvraj’s Wicket, 
And The Partnership Is Ruled Out.

Mahi Walking In,
With Bat In Hands,
Here Comes India's Winning Trend.

With Kohli's Virat 50,
And Dhoni’s Winning 6,
We Won The Match Without Any Twist.

#INDvsPAK Comes To An End,
Its 11-0, India's Win T20 Trend.

How Hard They Try,
History Repeats Everytime,
And We Realize Our Precious Wins,
And Here Celebration Begins..

पटाखे तो इन्डिया में ही फुटेंगे।।

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Beautiful Qutub Minar - Heritage Of India

Beautiful Minar in South Delhi is one of the major tourist attractions in capital. It's beauty is simply mesmerising. Surrounded by beautiful ambience full of greeny, it a beautiful and a sheer architectural treasure of our beautiful India.

Going deep in history, Qutub Minar's construction is commissioned by Qutub-ud-din Aibak and is named Qutub Minar after him. The Minar is made of Dark red sandstone covered with Iron intricate carvings and verses from the Qur'an. The first three storeys are made of red sandstone; the fourth and fifth and sixth storeys are of marble and sandstone.

Coming back to my visit to the historical heritage. Am so damn lucky that I live next to this heritage, just five minutes of drive and we reach our destination.

Beautiful architecture, special Carvings and beautiful ambience will surely gives you a serene feeling. It's surely an awesome and relaxing experience.

Your visit to Qutub Minar will take you back to our treasured and always cherished history. Being able to know our history and visiting Indian heritage is always a pleasure.

Here's some beautiful glimpses from my eyes, my camera.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Avalon By Sheth Builders

Buying a new home is probably one the most important decisions you will make. You would want to make the perfect choice so that you and your family can make the best of your new life in your new home. Comfort, convenience, and security go hand-in-hand with the happiness you deserve. If you’re a bit lost among the choices you’re presented with, here’s some help. Among the factors to keep in mind when you make your choice, are the various amenities that support a convenient, happy, healthy and pleasant residential experience. 

Here are some factors you shouldn’t miss out on when picking your dream home:

Safety and Security: The most precious elements of your life deserve to be worry free. Along with the people you love, the possessions and wealth need protection too. So that you can focus on the best things in your life, you need to ensure that all that you care for is safe and secure.

Transport: Whether you’re making your way to work, dropping your children off to school or heading out to relax over the weekend, convenient transport facilities will help you get out and get there as soon as soon as possible. 

Schools and Colleges: The best way to ensure a bright future for your children, is the convenient proximity to the best education institutions. The time they’ll save in a short journey to a long day at school will give them the freedom to play and absorb their lessons to the fullest.

Healthcare: The best living is accompanied with the best health. Your own and your family’s health should be at its best at all times and should something go wrong unexpectedly, professional healthcare should be as close as possible. 

Shopping: Frequent visits to supermarket or convenience store will be a regular task for every home. The closer these places are to your place the less troublesome it will be to stock your home with all it needs. 

Recreation: Whether it’s after a long day or a long week of work, school or homemaking you and your family can do with an extensive stretch of doing what makes you happy. You needn’t have to travel far for access to the best recreational facilities, it’s more enjoyable when the journey to them is brief.

Beauty: An everyday spectacle of the sunrise or sun set, the plumes of whimsical clouds, the lush greenery of rolling hills will not only calm your mind, it will make your home the place you will want to come back to no matter what. 

The next big question is, “Where, Oh where will I find this ideal access to blissful living?” It’s  really not that hard to find. 
Sheth Builder’s upcoming housing project Avalon ticks all boxes when it comes to convenient transport, proximity to education institutions and hospitals, nearby shopping centres, quality recreation facilities and an enviable view of nature’s abundance. 

Your Concerns And Avalon's Solution - 

Eastern Express Highway (100m)
Jupiter Hospital Bus Stand (300m)
The Freeway (22 km)
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (27.6 km)
Thane Railway Station (5.9 km)

Schools and Colleges:
DAV International High School (4.4 km)
Euro Kids Pre-School (2.7 km)
Hiranandani Foundation School (1 km)
K.C. College of Engineering (5.7 km)
NKT Degree College (2.6 km)

Jupiter Hospital (200 m)
Hiranandani Hospital (5 km)
E.S.I.C. Hospital (1.7 km)
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital (2.5 km)
Karkhanis Super Speciality Hospital (3.1 km)

Viviana Mall (500 m)
Korum Mall (1 km)
High Street Mall (2.3 km)
R-Mall (2.6 km)
Hyper City (6.5 km)

Safety and Security:
Video door phone, intercom and a panic switch facilities for each home.
CCTV cameras in the lobbies and common areas. 
Gas leak detector in every kitchens.
Fire alarm system and sprinkler system in common areas and apartments. 
Desel Generator back up power for common areas and elevators

Enjoy the priceless view of the Yeoor hills from your personal Sundeck. 
A 60,000 sq ft. garden landscaped by renowned international designersParking Space

Recreation :
Children’s Play Area
5 Star Eco Deck
Indoor pool and mini pool
Squash courts, table tennis and billiards tables, and carom boards
Private theatre, Mini library, Gymnasium, Banquet spaces
Cycling/jogging track, Yoga lawn 

So if you are looking for for a place to live in Thane Sheth Builder’s upcoming housing project Avalon is the right choice.  

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Yummy Recipe By Mummy - Coriander Mint Chutney

Hot summers hitting the door and spending lots of time in kitchen doesn't sound good. Being in Delhi where even March is so hot, I fully agree with this fact.

Chutneys are really a savior in hot summers for me and all. Spicy coriander mint chutney is top-rated in my family and is a must needed with every meal entire summer.

It's tasty,  spicy and refreshing. Even the most hated but easiest to cook vegetable like bottle gourd (lauki) is loved and make a tempting meal when served with coriander mint chutney.

So, to make your life easy and give your food a spicy refreshing touch.

Coriander Mint Chutney 
Coriander Mint Chutney 

Coriander - 250gms 
Mint - 50gms
Green Chillies - 5-6
Onion - 2
Tomato - 2
Garlic - 8-10 cloves
Ginger - 1 (1 inch piece)
Lemon - 1
Salt - To Taste
Turmeric Powder - A pinch

Ingredients :)

1. Clean and rinse coriander and mint leaves.
2. Chop Onion, tomato, garlic, ginger and green chillies.
3. Take cumin seeds (10-20 gms) in grinder jar.
P.S. Cumin Seeds is my secret ingredient, it give flavour and added aroma to chutney. 
4. Grind all ingredients to make a fine paste.
5. Take It out in a bowl.
6. Squeeze lemon in it, add a pinch of turmeric powder and salt as per your taste.

Yummy Tasty And Refreshing Coriander Mint Chutney Is Ready To Give Your Food And Tastebuds A Spicy Twist.

Walk Down The Memory Lane

Smiles Or Cries,
Togetherness Or Distances Of Several Miles.

In Search Of Memory Most Memorable,
I Open My Most Precious Treasure,
Every Minute I Lived,
Every Person I Loved,
Is A Treasure To Cherish,
Good Or Bad,
Memories Don't Perish.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Little Girl,
Without Any Worry,
Riding Her Bicycle Everyday,
Be It Rainy Or Sunny.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Girl In Her Teens,
Dreaming Always,
In Love With Rains,
Papa’s Princess,
Mum’s Pride,
For Bother She is Always Right.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw My Father Journey,
From Riding Royal Enfield,
To Lying On Hospital Bed,
Worst Year Of Our Life We Had.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Girl’s,
First Day In College,
Proud Engineer In Making,
New Turn Is What Life Taking.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Brave Girl,
Moving To A New City,
Living With New People,
Speaking New Language,
Just To Achieve Success In Life.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Career Oriented Girl,
Tied In Adverse Conditions,
Sacrificing Her Dreams,
For Her Parents.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A School Teacher,
Who Is Favourite Of All Her Students,
Smiling,  Laughing And Sharing,
Moment With Little Childrens.

Down The Memory Lane,.
I Saw Girl Crying,
She Don't Wanna Get Married,
But She Is Forced To.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Shy & Afraid Girl,
For The Very First time,
Meeting A Stranger,
And Agreeing To Marry.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Saw A Budding Love Story,
Strangers Are In Love,
And Their Fate Is Written.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Remember My D-day,
Me Walking Down The Asile,
To Walk With Him Life's Every Mile.

Down The Memory Lane,
I Remember That Precious Moment,
When Two Lines Confirms,
Arriving Arrival Of My Little One.

First Moment With My Son

Bundles Of Beautiful Memories,
And Many Yet To Be Created,
That Fine Day Was,
Top Rated.

A Day With Mixed Emotions,

Yes,  The Day My Little One Arrive,
Pain Of 16Hrs,
Tension Of Will Everything Be Fine,
Hearing Him Cry For The First Time,
Happiness For His Arrival,
Smiles On Seeing Him First Time,
Proud Feeling Of Being Mommy For The First Time.

Me With My Little Love 

The Most Memorable Day Of My Life,
Is The Day When My Son Arrives.
A Mother And A Son Was Born,
This Page Of Memory Never Turn.

Memories Are Many,
All Are Special,
Creating More For My Treasure. :)

My Message To My Little Love To Relive My Most Memorable Memory :

Share your#MemoriesForLife like I’ve done at BlogAdda forHDFC Life.”

Monday, 7 March 2016

A Walk Through Mughal Garden - A Walk To Remember

Mughal Garden is surely a paradise on earth. This place is without any doubt a national treasure. Am still mesmerized with the beautiful garden.
 Its a beautiful garden where the view started with the Herbal Garden. Small boards planted on the ground to identify the different herbs alongside being cultivated. There are no further proofs required when declarations like "cure for cancer", "treats diabetes", "removes stress" etc are posted under the names of the plants in English and Hindi. The Tulsi (Basil) plants get a canopied little green house of white of their own. 

Glimpses Of Herbal Garden 

From the herbal garden, we move to the Bonsai Garden. Well maintained samples of Peepal, Neem, Banyan, Oranges and more in bonsai form. And it's an awesome site to find so many bonsai together. 

Glimpses Of Bonsai Garden

From Bonsai Garden our next destination was musical garden. Beautiful fountains dancing on patriotic music is just breathtaking. Few minutes around the beautiful garden make me realize all the sacrifices our armed forces make for our peaceful survival. And I feel proud to be a Army man's daughter. 

Here's a glimpse of beautiful musical garden. 


And finally we reach Main Mughal Garden. 

The presidential palace, the royal Rashtrapati Bhavan, looms in the background. But it is the magnificent garden that takes my breath away. Beautifully manicured, impeccable arrangement of plants, hedges and trees. Set on the sides of two water channels with their lotus fountains, it is a marvel of flora domestication. I was spellbound with the mesmerising beauty. The fountains, the flower beds, the well rounded trees, the riot of colors! It is awesomely pretty in the bright afternoon.

From the massive rectangular main garden, we move into the long rose garden. Mughal garden has more than 250 varieties of roses. 

From the long garden, we reach the circular garden. Bougainvillea and creepers territory. Easily over fifty different varieties. 

Hats off to Lutyens, the architect and Mustoe, the horticulturist, who conceived and executed this gem.

I really had a gala time during the walk through admist of beautiful vicinity. 

Cameras  are not allowed but we can use our smartphone to capture some floral beauty around me.

So here's few beautiful captured by me from beautiful Mughal Garden.


Panoroma View

Mughal Gardens opens just for one month from mid February to mid March. It's a walk through a beautiful vicinity where armed guards keep reminding you not to stop.  Entry is free so it's pretty crowded especially on weekends. 

But it's a must visit if you love being in arms of mother nature. 

Mesmerised Once Forever :)

Website Review :

We women's are simply crazy about shopping and am sure no one can deny this. And when it comes to shop expensive metals our craziness doubles.

Silver, Gold Or Platinum..
Gemstones or diamonds..
Be It Jewellery or in form of coins or bars..
We can't get enough of it ever..
These are surely we women's first love..

Online shopping is the biggest trends these days and we loved it and cherish our shopping moments online to save time in our busy schedule.

But can we buy Jewellery or any form of gold and silver online?
Will it be authentic?
How will I decide without wearing?
Gosh,  am in love with that particular design, Want exactly the same, is it possible online?


Finally I got my answer 'YES' with Velvetcase

Velvetcase brings 200 jewellery brands together.  Yup girlies you read right - 200.
With all latest trends under one roof they prove to be the best.  

You can find designs to die for and designs u love to wear and flaunt always.
Latest trends and special deal of the week will make your shopping experience awesome. 

From every kind of jewellery to silver/gold coins/bars to silver decoratives or divinities.  They have it all.

Just select type of jewellery you want and you will find numerous beautifully carved options to delight you. 

If with so many options you love, it's getting difficult to buy what you love the most. provide with free home jewellery trials to help you decide what you want. 

What more we can ask for.. :) 

If it ever happened to you that a particular design you saw somewhere just made you fall in love with it but you are not able to find it anywhere? 

Again have a solution for it to..  Yippie.. 
You can Design Your Own Jewellery now with

Isn't it amazingly awesome? I know it is.  :) 

Now the concern with authenticity. 
Before buying any jewellery piece even I wanted to confirm the authenticity and every details about it. 

I recently bought a beautiful Silver Note from It was mentioned on site that it's a 25gm silver note with 999KT purity and dimensions 2.5inchX1.25inch.

The silver note I recieved is exact replica of what I saw. Every single detailing was so perfect. And size and dimensions are exact. 

Out of my curiosity I went to a goldsmith near me and get it weighed,  it was exactly 25gms and with 999KT purity. 

With Velvetcase my online shopping dilemma for Jewellery is shorted. 

Now I know my shopping destination when it's time to shop precious jewellery. 

So beautiful girlies and guys with beautiful girls in life, Checkout the and get what you want. 

Time to buy some jewellery. Happy Shopping :)