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‪#‎HPENVY13‬ Be Mine – Make others envy me

I heard a leading roar,
In technology jungle,
Everyone said it’s a leopard,
But I know- it’s Hewlett – Packard.

Expert new features,
Powerpacked as Leopard.
Small,  lightly built,
but faster than all in jungle.
Its can complete a long run,
Without any struggle.

Aiming the right specification,
To fulfill all demands at its best,
As Leopard aim it’s pray,
And get it the perfect way.

Fast and furious,
Its a must have device,
I am aiming on it,
With my selfie and creative writing,
To be precise.

Selfie With #HPENVY13 At HP World, Plaza Mall, Gurgaon


Don’t get confused,
Don’t make any interpretation,
Its nothing but HP’s new innovation,
HP latest ultra book #HPEnvy13.


Looks to die for,
Features u can’t ask more,
Technology with enhanced beauty,
Carving to hold you my pretty.

Slim Bezel dressed in aluminium,
Chiclet keyboard to work swiftly on.
Awesomely placed trackpad,
Will never stop my writing spree.

Brilliant graphics in just 13” screen,
Crisp text, radiant looks,
What more I can ask for.
Slim and light,
Holding it gonna be a delight.

Specifications I was searching,
Here my search is ending,
6th gen intel i5 cpu,
4GB ram, 256GB SSD,
Microsoft Windows 10
Multitasking on it, gonna be super fun.

Specifications Listed At HP World, Plaza Mall

My partner on my long run,
Long battery life,
Awesome performance,
It’s has to be my chance,
To add this to my stance.

Hp envy 13, is my dream,
I deserve it the most I scream.
Reasons are many,
Reasons are endless,
It’s a beautiful obsession I possess,
Wanna have Possession of my obsession.
It’s a showstopper beauty,
Technologically advanced,
Beauty with brain ,
Is a combination insane.

                  Selfies With #HPENVY13

HP Envy 13, gonna be my partner for life,
Gonna keep the creative writer in me alive,
For mommy in me, it’s my entertainment box,
For blogger in me, it’s my creative desk,
For traveler in me, it’s my first companion,
For photographer in me, it’s my memory chest.
For chef in me, it’s my cook book.
I deserve this, in life’s every look.

Wish to dance my heart out with my Slim and light partner for life soon.

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