Monday, 11 April 2016

Book Review : The Colaba Conspiracy

The Colaba Conspiracy

Author : Surendra Mohan Pathak
Subject : Thriller
Genre : Suspense
Publisher : HarperCollins Publishers India

Book Cover : Beautifully designed cover with a dead body and a girl portrait intriguing the urge to read and break the suspense.

Book's Epigram & My Critique :
Surendra Mohan Pathak has proved again from 'Colaba Conspiracy' that he is a leader in murder mystery. The story is scripted so well that you keep on reading and stop only when you finish the novel. Story is so simply described with so much of twist and turns that fascinates a lot while reading and force you to appraise the writer and his grip on such topics. The write is so well aware about such situations that it looks like everything is happening in real. The local language spoken by the characters is very well suited. Different aspects related to murder are depicted so well that binds till the end, like murder, police role, private detective, lawyers etc.

The lead hero 'Jeet Singh' who is a history-sheeter and vault buster loves a lady called 'Sushmita', who left her for a rich man who is quite older than her, due to some personal circumstances. After 7 months of marriage her husband got murdered. Her husband's children evicted her from the property by calling her live-in partner of their father and destroy all the proofs. How Jeet Singh fights for her without coming to her notice and arranges money by reentering into the dark life for his past love, where he got suspected by the underworld leaders and police. How he escapes from all these difficult situations, arranges the money and return the lost regard of his beloved is all about the story.
The Story is very nice and to the point, never deviated from the subject till the end. How rich people uses the money to exploit the system and turn it in their favors is very nicely shown in the novel. If you like suspense stories then it's a worth reading novel which will thrill you with its story. Undoubtly the 'Colaba conspiracy' is a good novel of its genre and ‘value for money’ to murder suspense lovers.

P.S. If you love reading in Hindi, I will suggest you to read in Hindi as the writing in Hindi with the Mumbai accent is awesome.

Rating : 4.5/5

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