Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tech Guide : Tips to increase the Laptop Battery life

Laptops are surely a savoir. We use them as per our convenience, wherever or whenever we want.
What if you are doing some important work on your laptop and battery runs out?
It irritates right? and it irritates more when you dont have access to power supply to charge it. Keep a few points in mind and increase your laptops battery life to avoid any irritating situation.

Here are few tips to increase your laptops battery life :

Turning off Wi-Fi –
These days most of the time we use Wi-Fi to connect our laptop. Even in offices it seems easy to connect the users via Wi-Fi, as it saves not only the wire fitting cost but their maintenance as well. When we are in a zone where no Wi-Fi is available or available but we don't have to use, in that case our laptop keeps on making its efforts to catch the signal in the background which in turn costs the battery. Hence it’s always advisable to turn off the Wi-Fi if you are not going to use it.

Using the Hibernate option instead of sleep –
When you close the lid of your laptop then the system keeps on sending the power to RAM and motherboard to alive the current session in the memory, as it helps to awake the system quickly when we open the laptop again. It is also known as ‘sleep’ mode but it actually consumes a lot of battery to wake the system.
The batter way is to turn the ‘Hibernate’ mode on in the laptop. It will save its memory to the disk and power the laptop off completely. If you open the laptop again then it will take comparatively longer time than sleep mode but will definitely save lots of battery. So whenever you have to take long breaks always use the ‘Hibernate’ option by doing the following
Type 'Lid' into the Start menu text field -> Click on 'When I close the lid' -> Hibernate -> Save the changes
Lowering the screen brightness –
Nowadays brightness is one of the main reason for any gadget to consume the battery. You should always reduce the screen brightness to the optimum level. It not only saves you battery but the after ill effects of the strain on your eyes caused by the high brightness.

Lightening the startup programs –
These are the programs that starts with the start of your system (like chat software etc.). There are so many programs that we select to open while start up when we install them. Be extra attentive while installing software, as these can be opened later whenever we require then within 'All Programs'. There is a registry key to get rid of these programs. If you remove these programs entries then you can easily get rid of them, in turn your memory and CPU will be lighter in load and battery life will be longer. You can remove them by traversing the following registry path –


Turning off Applications and Processes –

There are multiple application and processes that keep on chewing the battery in the background. It is always advisable to close them off by opening the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc or Ctrl+Alt+Del). From task manager you can view the processes that are opened by system and your session. System related processes are always critical and can affect the OS, so be extra careful before closing them off. However the processes run by your ID can be best decided by you to kill or ended if not in use.

Follow these easy steps and increase your laptop's battery life for hasslefree usage.