Saturday, 14 May 2016

Kashmir Is Calling - My Perfect Vacation Gonna Happen Soon

“Time Together,
  Love filled Laugh,
  Fantastic Fun,
  Falling Snow, 
  And Shining Sun,
  My Idea of Perfect Vacation. “

For me, my perfect vacation is lovely moments shared with my beloved family escaping from beautiful yet very hot Delhi in summer. Some snowy affair, spending time in new culture, meeting new people. Enjoying the whole new aura and coming back to home with memories for life and new friends forever.

A fun-filled time, with loving family, an escape from daily chaos, and loads and loads of fun - My Idea Of Perfect Vacation 😍

Perfect vacation is made perfect with an Ideal Yatra.  Yes, an ideal journey is much needed for a perfect vacation.

This time to beat the heat, I planned a visit to Heaven On Earth, beautiful Kashmir, a place for unmatched scenic beauty and culture. Thinking about beautiful shikara's on Dal Lake, houseboats, beautiful Mughal garden make me crazy.  And thought about yummy food and Kehna brings out the foodie me. And the excitement to start my journey reached the peak.

Capture From Friends Camera :)

But a fun trip required lot of planning. It started with deciding the itinerary. And we decided our stay at three different locations Pahalgam, Gulmarg and Srinagar.

And we started with browsing a perfect Flight Schedule , to plan our journey accordingly.

A perfect trip is planned to the perfect destination, a flight to Srinagar, followed by a blissful car drive towards beautiful Pahalgam, enjoying the beautiful valleys on the way. Our beautiful journey made us realize why Kashmir is always a theme behind the beautiful creations by us, be it poetry, paintings or even beautiful captures.

Beautiful vicinity with beautiful Kashmiri Girls, do characterized the words “Kashmir Ki Kali” 😍 from our buzzing Bollywood.

As we are in the beautiful Kashmir, our stay has to be a houseboat. And we decided to stay there for one day, and other days at resort.

Woah, am super excited for my upcoming vacation to beautiful Kashmir. Beautiful Persian-style gardens in Srinagar are calling me to feel the beauty around, Shikara on Dal Lake are waiting for me and snow covered slopes in Gulmarg are calling me for some snowy affair and some snow filled fun.

Kashmir is surely a Paradise on earth. Beautiful temples, beautiful vicinity are part of this surreal valley and am going to be in amidst of it, enjoying and getting mesmerized by the beauty of beautiful mother nature around me.

My Stay and visit to the Paradise On earth and Pride of India is well planned now. Travel by air and road (who want to miss the chance to be with the beautiful valley, so road travel is a must.) A stay in 4-Star resort (Oops 5 Star is too expensive), Visit to beautiful slopes at Gulmarg, Lidder River In Pahalgham, Shikara ride on Dal Lake And a stay in the beautiful vicinity. 

Vacation on Charts for Me. My Ideal Yatra Is Planned. My perfect vacation going to happen soon, Bags are packed - Kashmir (Crown Of India) is calling.

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