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Fight Uncertainties In Life With "Investshield - Insurance Plan By Choice Life Insurance"

Uncertainty is another name of life, you never know what gonna happen next. In a flick of few seconds, uncertainty touches one's life, happiness ruins, dreams shatter and sometimes it becomes difficult to think What's Next.

God bless everyone, and I wish such adverse situations never comes in anyone's life.


If something happen, are you ready for it?
Are you ready to save your loved ones dreams?
Are you ready to protect your loved ones in adverse situations?
Are you ready to fight uncertainties?

In short,

Are you insured?

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance (CHOICE Life Insurance) has come up with an amazing plan called iNVESTSHIELD PLAN that helps you fight uncertainties in life.

Pic Courtesy : www.canarahsbclife.com

Strong and very meaningful tagline of iNVESTSHIELD PLAN says Strengthens The Warrior In You. Fight The Uncertainties In Life.

Pic Courtesy : www.canarahsbclife.com

iNVESTSHIELD plan is one plan that gives you opportunity to choose a plan according to your need at the inception stage, from three available options Life Option, Life Option With Accidental Benefit and Life Option With Premium Funding Benefit

Pic Courtesy : www.canarahsbclife.com
iNVESTSHIELD Plan is a unit linked non-participatory investment cum insurance plan which provides the opportunity to create wealth to fulfill various family needs like building a asset or to ensure for a bright future for your child.

Why to Buy iNVESTSHIELD Plan :

There are many benefits related to this life insurance plan.
  1. It give you flexibility to choose plan according to your choice.
  2. There's no premium allocation charge.
  3. Boost in your investments with loyalty additions.
  4. Partial Withdrawal is allowed.
  5. In last four years of policy, you can move your fund to low risk market using safety switch.
  6. Get tax benefits with security.

If you are the one who have dreams for himself or their family members.
If you are the one who cares about your family's need.
If you are the one who want to cope positively with life’s adverse situations.

Then iNVESTSHIELD is the plan for you which helps you to plan life better.

How To Buy :
Easily buy it online at CanaraHSBCLife 

The entire procedure is online and completely hassle-free. A four step procedure involving policy selection(selecting plan and deciding premium) , completing the proposal, making the payment and finally documents submission.

Right Now Is Always The Right Time.
Choose CHOICE Life Insurance..
Get Insured..
Get Assured.. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Book Review : The Story Of A Suicide By Sriram Ayer

Pic Courtsey : www.storyofasuicide.com

The Story Of A Suicide

Author : Sriram Ayer
Subject : Social
Illustrations : Ghana

Book’s Epigram : The Story Of A Suicide is a story that moves around four main characters :
Hari : A boy from Bengaluru, who is loved immensely by his father, mother and elder sister.
Sam : A boy from a very rich family. He is a tech geek.
Mani : A very bright boy from a small town, with a childhood full of struggle.
Charu : A strong, confident and feminist girl.

And the story move around four emotions : Friendship, Love, Betrayal And Revenge.

With some initial introductory plot about Sam and Hari. The Story leads to KIT, Madras. Where the story starts with one’s failed attempt to commit suicide and ends at other suicidal attempt leading to his death.

Sam is attracted towards Charu’s beauty, which leads to a new blooming love story between them. Charu is completely unpredictable girl, her mood and mind changes in a jiffy. Though she liked Sam but hated him being over possessive for her.

Pic Courtsey : www.storyofasuicide.com

One day, out of anger from Sam’s over possessive behaviour, Charu ignored him and finally told he is with Alex (Faculty in their college). And this one incident change Sam’s emotion towards her. He felt betrayed and wanted a revenge.

Pic Courtsey : www.storyofasuicide.com

On the parallel end, runs the story of Hari and Mani, who felt they do have something in common and start sharing an unknown bond without knowing what it is. They felt secure together and can express themselves easily to each other.

Mani was the first person, Hari felt secured with and shares her childhood dirty dilemma of being abused by his uncle. Lately both of them agreed, that they are Homosexual or Gay and share a beautiful love story full of assurance, togetherness, promises and a bit of jealousy.

Pic Courtsey : www.storyofasuicide.com

From betrayal, Sam’s emotions change to an urge of taking revenge. Being a tech geek, he invented a software named “Jarvis” and installed it to Charu’s mobile phone as a trozen which let Sam see everything in Charu’s phone and even use the phone’s camera & microphone and take peace out of her life. To catch the culprit Charu asked help of everyone.

Alex with a help of a friend who has worked against cyber crime many times, help Charu to catch the culprit. When they found it difficult, they throw a trap for the culprit.

And here story takes its last but most painful turn, where Sam apply an algorithm to the software so that everything recorded from Charu’s mobile camera, automatically get viral. Charu out of frustration leave her gadgets in Mani’s room where Mani and Hari had some personal moments later on and it get viral like fire in jungle.

Hari’s father, called him, asked about the video and when he announced to him that he is a Gay, get offended and cursed him. Viral video,  depressing words from his father and a fight with Mani broke him to the core.

And Hari Ended His Life.

Pic Courtsey : www.storyofasuicide.com

My Critique : The book start with note:
"Dear World, I am going to die. I am leaving. I am tired of fighting. I am tired of struggling to survive. I have finally made a choice today. Yes, I give up."

Few words, that touch your soul every time you hear or read them and make you feel helpless and fill you with number of unanswered questions. And to get your answers , you are just glued to the book.

The book is an awesome read, consisting of 31 soul-stirring chapters, each unfolding something new. Few dream sequences especially Charu’s weird dream though written exceptionally well somehow disconnects from the core story of the book.

Author bring forward a social issue in a very unique way with effective writing and marks a strong message. His way of writing is really captivating. Suicide is very sensitive topic and author has bring up with a strong and impressive way. He strongly conveyed, a suicidal attempt is more because of pressure by society than the situation. And I strongly agree with him.

Illustrations : Every chapter comes with perfect illustrations by Ghana which precisely describe the core of each chapter.

Rating : 4.5/5

Book is available online here  or you can listen to audio book too.
(P. S. Chapter 18 audiobook, narrates chapter 17 so you have to read it. Hope it get corrected soon)

A strong overview about the video is depicted well in this video. 

How I Relate With The Book :
Burden of fulfilling the expectations of others, be it your family or society and The fear of society that leads to hiding bitter experiences in life are two facts I feel 9 out of every 10 girls in India can relate to. Do this, wear that, learn household and study hard. Females in India are burdened with expectations and instructions in their life which surely leads to moments when she feel lack of her own identity and this always brings fear to express herself in her. 

Hari was so overburdened with his family's expectations that his loving father denied to accept his identity which broke him and leads to his suicide.

Being a women, I relate to burden of expectations Hari felt in his life.

My Mantra To Deal With Life :
Life is beautiful, the way it come,
Moments are many, happy, sad, weird and troublesome.
Love yourself - for what you are,
Don't change - even for those who say they care,
Tough situation - are life's way to test your strength,
Fight back - and rise high like sun with a bang.
Be strong - when you face a hard situation,
Always remember - ending life is not a solution.
No one - can help you better than yourself,
When tired of fighting - shut down your heart and seek your minds help.
Be who you are - no matter what is the situation
Mind it - every problem comes up with a solution.
Shut your ears - when ever in trouble,
Every mouth - discourage with their numerous babbles
Be focused - on finding a solution,
I will remain strong - make it a resolution.

Keep in mind, Tie a knot,
Problems gets afraid, when you are not.
Your life is your most precious possession,
Make it your first and last obsession,
No matter what life brings,
Always remember all beautiful springs.
Even Stars fall but they are still countless
Flowers die but gardener never cry.
Every sunset is always followed by a sunrise,
Every darkest corner have a small hole which shines.

Be prepared for a few odds in life,
Because you have less tears and more smiles.
There will be few moments of pain,
But your journey continues to miles.
Be strong, wear a smile,
You are a fighter, give life a fight.
You will win and that's for sure,
Just don't give up in the difficult course.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Unleash Your Child Imagination With #ColgateMagicalStories

Stories and growing up goes hand in hand. In my childhood, I am always in my imaginary world weaving stories about everything others can't even think of. 

So is my little love these days. At an age of 2.5years, he is a big story lover and spend every night with us (me and his dad) listening story one day and narrating same story again and again for next few days until he get bored.

Being a construction vehicles lover, his stories was always around crane, excavator, dump truck, tow truck and many more until four new colgate strong teeth packs with interesting sea creature and a trivia inside them arrived my place.

He being too small to handle scissors, I cut and collected all the pictures inside the pack and started making him familiar with the creatures and trivia. Thanks to his growing age, always increasing knowledge bank and his love to watch National Geographic with his Dad, he quickly related with all kind of fishes shown, enjoyed the castle and deep sea and discarded the pirate saying “Darta Hai” means he is afraid of that pirate.

At bedtime, his story session begin again but this time he insisted to listen stories about sea, fishes and castles. With little images and related trivia pics a new storytelling session started which made my son familiar with pirates too.

And a story created by me and my hubby is beautifully reframed into a new story by my little love with his sometime confused sentences. His memory and beautiful imagination left us flabbergasted and made us feel proud.

My little loves narration :

Once a group of Pirates are on their unending journey in sea. A pirate couple of leads the group. Their instructions are followed by everyone on the ship even the parrot never overruled their instructions.

While flying high in the sky, parrot saw something on the land of nearby island, he seeked permission from the leaders to get what he saw.

Parrot came back with a rolled paper held tight in his claws and handle it to the master of the ship. He carefully opened it and found that it's a map to some old treasure dumped in the sea. And he carved to get the treasure. After a fierce discussion on ship with the group and his beautiful wife, he decided to jump into the sea and check for the treasure himself. After sailing for few miles, their ship reach the location where according to the map, the treasure is dumped deep in the sea. 

He was awestruck with the beauty of sea. Beautiful corals and creatures were catching his attention. He has never seen the inner beauty of sea, he sails always. He was surprised seeing so many different fishes he never saw before and was enjoying the beauty of the world inside the sea.

Than he saw a beautiful castle inside the sea. He was amazed with the beautiful castle and swim towards the castle. A beautiful mermaid was playing with her playmates a shiny starfish, an energetic turtle and a beautiful puffy fish playing with water.  He swim towards the mermaid and asked her about the treasure and she directed her towards a wrecked ship.

He swim towards the wrecked ship, glitters of the treasure shows its presence from a distance and he was super happy to found such a big treasure but his happiness get ruined as soon as he saw a big shark, crab, lionfish and octopus guarding the treasure.

He swim back to his ship as he was getting breathless and told everything to his group. They decided to go down together and bring the treasure up.

A gang of four, leader of the ship, his wife and two other strong members of his pirate group swim back to the treasure.

Pirate : We are here to take the treasure with us as we have found it.

Octopus : We own these beautiful glitters, they shine and make my sea beautiful. You can't take it.

Pirate : I have searched for it, for all and will not go without the treasure.

Shark : I am afraid but you can't.

Pirate : You really don't know it's worth and it's simply useless for you all.

Octopus : The impressive glitters is all we want. We can't allow you to take it.

Pirate : So you want only what glitters and nothing else?

Octopus and Shark, together said Yes and showed agreement.

Pirate : Let's share the treasure , tell me what glitters the most. I will leave that for you take the rest.

Octopus points towards glittering gold coins.

Pirates agreed, and they collected all precious stones including diamonds, rubies, pearls and much more and left all glittering gold for the Octopus, shark and others guarding the treasure for its glitters.

Pirates bids adieu, to the sea creatures and beautiful sea world.

Though excited to get a big treasure, they all are mesmerised with the beauty of sea and keep thinking about it for long.

#ColgateMagicalStories brings out the storyteller in my son. He was content after telling his story while displaying the pictures and we are filled with pride.

Its a awesome initiative by Colgate, the leader in oral health care. Using Colgate regularly certainly ensures the best protection from germs and plaque.

Its the right time to grab the new Colgate Strong Teeth packs and unleash the imagination of your child. So what are you waiting for, go get the pack, and give new wings to your child's imagination. 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Product Review : Kairtis Oil – An Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil

Motherhood brings lots of bliss and joys. With the arrival of my little bundle of joy three years back. My life is filled with loads of blissful moments and days filled with joy of Motherhood. 

But lovely Motherhood brings, sleepless nights and restless days too. And with a hectic routine of managing baby and home brings pain in my life. A constant backache and muscular pains took away the peace in my life. Somehow with every possible treatment and always returning pains , I started feeling that I have to live with it.

One fine day, I got a call from Kairali Ayurvedic Group representative and the pretty voice on phone told me about Kairtis Oil - an Ayurvedic pain relief oil.

And here comes my box of Kairtis Oil for the review.

About The Product:

Kairtis oil is the product of Kairali Ayurvedic Group. Kairtis oil is 100% Ayurvedic Medicine and is a mix of nature’s best herbal ingredients. This oil claims to give relief from Arthritis, Paralysis, Sciatica, Knee Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Spondylosis, Back ache, joint pain, swelling and any other external pain.

Packaging of the product is quite impressive. I got one pack of oil and one potli of chooran. The both are packed in a cardboard cylindrical shaped box. Inside the there is a black circular sponge with a small whole. This I found a great idea to not let the oil bottle move.

Kairtis Oil Kit Ingredients used-

Kairtis Oil

Sida cordifolia
Moringa oleifera
Calotropis gigantean
Ricinus communis
Strobilanthes heyneanus
Aegle marmelos
Gmelina arborea
Premna corymbosa
Stereospermum colais
Oroxylum indicum
Pterocarpus marsupium
Cassia tora
Zingiber officinale
Terminalia chebula
Alpinia galanga
Gossypium herbaceum
Oil of Sesamum indicum
Cow’s milk
Cinnamomum camphora
Mineral pitch

Kolakulathadi Choornam (Potli Pack)     

Ziziphus jujuba
Dolichos biflorus
Cedrus deodara
Hordeum vulgare
Anethum sowa
Vigna mungo
Memecyclon umbellatum
Acorus calamus
Saussurea lappa
Alpinia galanga
Sesamum indicum
Brassica campestris
Ricinus communis
Sarcostigma kleini

How to Use Kairtis Oil Kit to relieve Knee Joint Pain :
Using Kairtis Oil Kit is very easy. The kit contains Oil and herbal Potli. Pour few drops of Kairtis oil in a vessel and let it heat. Now rub the potli is this hot vessel. The potli will absorb all oil and will become hot as well. Now pour few drops at the affected area and massage with hot potli. Make sure to check the temperature of the potli before applying it on the affected area.

My experience: 

Being in pain for so long and having tried every short of solution really left me hopeless is getting relief from the pain. But Kairtis oil is pure bliss for me. I am out of my painful life and have felt effective results from very first day of usage.
With proper usage of oil and potli on my back is felt great relief and the pain is gone and never returned back. Ahh what a relief.

With the visible results I thought to try it on much complicated cases before I post a review on my blog.  So I bought two more packs (easily available at local chemist shop) and send one of them to my mother (suffering from knee pain for around 12+ years now,Doctors told only option to get rid of pain is knee replacement) and other to my Mother-in-law (suffering from Sciatica for more than 6 years now)

After receiving the packs, they used the oil and potli for 10 days and told me an update on every single day and they felt positive effect and less pain every passing day.

Their Review On Day 10 :

My Mother : It really make me feel relieved with every usage. After using my pain reduces with every single day though haven't vanished yet. But it's a big relief and I feel more comfortable and less pain after usage. It helps me alot and not I can live my life without pain and can walk and stand for all without any sign of pain.

My Mother-in-law : After usage of 10 days, my pain of Sciatica is almost gone. With monsoon my pain gets worsen but it is not the same case now. I have no pain and can enjoy monsoon now. It's so easy to apply that I can apply it myself and feel the relief. Starting from applying twice a day, to once a day and now once in three days, am free from my pain of Sciatica. 

Price of Kairtis Oil Kit:
Kairtis Oil Kit comes in 2 options-
Kairtis Oil 55ml with one herbal potli –Rs. 280/-
Kairtis Oil 110ml with two herbal potli – Rs. 480/-

What I like about Kairtis Oil :
         1.     It works from the first application itself.
         2.     Not very expensive, Value for money.
         3.     Kairtis oil and Kairtis potli are completely ayurvedic and herbal.
         4.     The potli comes in re-sealable bags, which makes them really easy to store.
         5.     Kairtis Oil is not very greasy and sticky.
         6.     Easy to use.
         7.     The Packaging of the whole Kit is very nice.­­
         8.     Easily available at nearby chemist and online.

What I didn’t like about Kairtis Oil :
       1.  The smell of the oil is a little strong (Though bearable but some can find it unbearable)

 My rating 4.75 out of 5

Will I buy Kairtis Oil Kit again?
Yes. Definitely. 

After using it myself and making my mother and mother-in-law using the same and seeing the result myself. I can totally rely on this product for pain relief. 
Being completely herbal and organic, Kairtis Pain Oil has become a part of my home. It's an effective products for every kind of pain. 

So guys and girls, if you or your family member or your friend is going through any type of external pain. Tell them about Kairtis Oil and help them to get relief from pain.

Product Review : Ethicare Remedies Ospis Skin Care Soap

Lovely Skincare hamper from Ethicare Remedies,which includes Ospis Skincare Soap, Epiplus Sensitive Skin cleanser, Cutishine Facewash and Sweatnil Antiperspirant Gel gives me an opportunity to experience new products and fall in love with them.

Sharing my experience with another wonderful product from Ethicare Remedies.

Ethicare Remedies Ospis Skin Care Soap.

Key Ingredients:
Chlorehexidine Gluconate
Silicon oil

What company says :
Anti bacterial cleanser soap. It optimizes lathering effect. It contains Gluconate which is an anti bacterial, trusted by most of the dermatologist. Silicone fluid in Ospis premium soap is a foam stabilizer and conditioner, which makes your skin soft and supple Aloevera contained by Ospis is a natural non sticky moisturizer hydrates your skin to keep it healthy all the times.

My Experience :
Ospis Soap is an awesome product to use. It leathers well and soap washes away easily with few splash of water. It contains aloevera hence provides awesome moisturization to skin and helps skin look healthy. As its a antibacterial soap it helps cleaning disease producing bacteria and keeps us healthy. Overall an awesome product. Oval shape of soap make it much easier to grip and use. Its refreshing and a mild fragrance stays with you for shorter span of time but it keeps your body moisturized for long.

Ospis Skin care soap, comes in a cardboard box and the soap is sealed in a polythene sheet pack. Cardbord box have product details printed on it.

What I Like:
1. Suits all skin type
2. Contains goodness of aloevera.
3. Mild fragrance
4. Affordable

What I don't like :

Verdict :
Loved the product. Its a antibacterial soap and help cleaning disease producing bacteria. An awesome cleanser available in very affordable price. Must buy.

I will rate it 5/5

Price:  69/- for 100 ml Buy here. Also available at flipkart, shopclues, fashionara and eBay