Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Product Review : Terra Real Vegetable Chips - Real Blend Of Exotic Flavours

Our tastebuds always need some change, some exotic flavours are needed time to time to make them happy. For my tastebuds and ofcourse me snacks are must have in my day to day life, thats why chips are always a must in my grocery list. But I always  feel only potato chips are quite monotonous though multiple flavours available and i always keep searching for that perfect snack to munch over thats not just potato.
While my search was on a beautiful black box arrived at my home stating “An Exotic Experience Awaits You”  

Never thought a black box can spread so many colours around. A dull day becomes bright and tiring day get the spark. The box arrives at my new home and we all are tired as we are still settling down. Perfect timing I must say.
The exotic experience includes some healthy snacking options by Terra - Real Vegetable Chips. Yummy, healthy gourmet snacking to get rid of the tiredness was in my hand.

While my little son grabbed The Terra Blues (He liked the colour) and started munching. Soothing flavours of sea salt and crisp chips of naturally blue potatoes looked yummy and tasted yummier. ( We get to taste only, little sonny refused to share much)

My hubby out of curiosity checked the ingredients and was excited to taste exotic vegetable chips made of veggies like parnship, Taro, Sweet potato, yuca ,batata. He demanded a cup of tea which was so damn needed.
While in kitchen , being tired and hungry and unable to cook muck as the kitchen was yet not perfectly arranged, i decided to make some salad to go well with the chips. With limited resources available i decided to try Corn salad. Corn Salad with mild flavours  (i just dont want my salad to hide the flavour of chips)
A simple combination of corn, chopped onion, tomato, green chilles , coriander leaves topped with lemon juice salt and pepper and my salad is ready.

Mild flavours of salad was an add on to exotic flavours of chips.
Terra Real Vegetable Chips comes up with rich exotic flavours and beautiful colors of vegetables make it look so delicious. 
Trust me opening a bag of terra chips is the first step towards unique, delicious , healthier and exotic snacking. This is by far the best way to look at vegetables.

Sea salt, herbs and hint of lemon gives that exotic taste while beautiful look of chips make it more tempting.

Me and my family especially my son, are in love with flavours and uniqueness of veggies in Terra Chips. Do try the delicacy and enjoy the awesome taste of healthy snacking.

Monday, 14 November 2016

What’s Next Big HIT After Saawan Mein Lag Gayee Aag By Mika Singh?

Mika Singh is known for all his peppy songs. You just cant stop trumping your feets and shake your booty whenever his songs are played. His voice with aww-so-awesome beats adds the much needed oomph to a song and make us play those exciting numbers on loop. 

Whenever I play my most favourite playlist, i always wonder why it have loads of his song, and the answer is, his songs are so refreshing and entertaining that you just cant get enough of them.

Mika Singh fans (include me as well) can bet now, Saawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag was exclusively big hit in the industry and parties. But, with the launch of his new music video ‘Sohniye – The Gorgeous Girl,’ is he going to break his own record? Well, the anticipations and public on social media do think so. 

While Facebook and Twitter-like social channels came up with the news of Mika singing with his brother Daler in the song for the first time, people on the media have gone crazily crazy. They are, no doubt, looking forward to getting intensified, firing, thrilling and stress-bursting song by Mika after Saawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag.  

Although the singing king of the Bollywood has been delivering back-to-back hit party songs, the enthusiasm, zeal and fire have been missing in all the songs so far, if I am on the right note. And if this song is going to surpass his own grooving number, then Sohniye must be full of crazy beats, furious lyrics, engrossing music and zealous team-up. At least, Saawan song by Mika was full of these. 

Sohniye’ will soon be launched in November this year as Mika launches his new record label -  Music and Sound. 

How surprising it is. When Daler had his first new record label launch, Mika Singh showed up with his Gabru number in the video.   And today, when Mika is launching his new record label Daler paaji will be joining his younger brother in singing the song and lifting his feet.  Who could have expected? After 18 years of work-together in the industry, they now have great come-together with Sohniye. 

So get ready to add a new number to your party playlist and get ready to go crazy and dance all night with Mika Singh's new launch.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Book Review: When Arya Fell Through The Fault By Reenita Malhotra Hora

When Arya Fell Through The Fault

Author : Reenita Malhotra Hora 
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Om Books International

Book's Epigram :
When Arya Fell Through the Fault is the magical, coming-of-age tale of Arya, a 12-year-old boy from San Francisco, who is ridiculed by bullies. Anything to do with his ethnicity—food, traditions or the fascinating mythological stories he has been raised with, has become the building block of unpleasant school experiences.
In the wake of an accident that confines his once vibrant mother to a hospital ward—kept alive by tubes and machines—Arya clings to the only remnant of their bond: an old, battered copy of the Ramayana, India’s ancient epic story of Rama’s battle against demons.
One night, Arya falls through a fault in the earth into the Wild Woods, where Ravana—the demon king—strategizes to destroy his Ramayana—the last copy left—and threatens to rewrite history from his evil perspective. Will Arya be able to save the story of Rama, heal his mother and return home to tackle the demons in his ordinary world?

My Critique:
The book is nicely written and to the point. The story has a flow that keeps you with itself. The characterization is strong and vital to the movement of the tale. It’s a perfect blend of reality, fiction & mythical. The narration is carried out in a very effective manner and the plot is very good. This story is of a 12 years old boy. Arya lives in San Francisco. He faces lots of problems in school as he is an Indian. His troubles & thoughts are reflected through each page with precise details. Author has played beautifully with words and written an adventurous story-line on struggle, culture, roots & teachings of Ramayana. A story so well connected and reasoned. The book teaches us that everyone faces some or another problem in life but one need to fight and win.

About The Author :
Reenita Malhotra Hora is a producer/presenter for Bloomberg Media. Previously, she hosted RTHK Radio 3’s Money for Nothing finance program and her own award-winning story-telling show, Asian Threads which explores the untold stories of Asian cultures and communities.
Reenita has written four books about Ayurveda Inner Beauty,Ayurveda – The Ancient Medicine of India, Forever Young - Unleashing the Magic of Ayurvedaand The Ayurvedic Diet. She has also penned two Young Adult novels -- Operation Mom: How I got my Mother a Life & a Man and my recent read from her pen When Arya Fell Through the Fault.

Rating : 3.5/ 5

Best Buy : Best Price Available On 
                  Amazon:  Kindle : Rs.118/-  Paperback : Rs 125/-