Monday, 13 March 2017

Tiny Tales #2 - An Untold Holi Celebrations

Everyone Was Playing With Colors,
And She Was Standing At A Corner,
Her Phone Rings,
With The Voice From Other End,
She Breathe With A Sense of Relief,
And Applied Red Color On Her Forhead. 
              -Holi Celebrations Of An Army Wife 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Book Review: Love Has Its Various Ways By Divya Kapoor


Love Has Its Various Ways By Divya Kapoor

Author : Divya Kapoor
Genre : Inspiration
Publisher : Balboa Press - A Division Of Hay House

Books Epigram -
One of the best ever works to enable all those who aspire to become their own life coach!
The chapters in this masterpiece are the stages of life, which everyone goes through. They have been written with the insight that the author has got through while experiencing life.
The book concludes with an eleven-day workbook, a self-working step-by-step approach to transform life.
Just do it to bring about the desired transformation in the healthiest way possible!

My Critique -
This is the best Self-Help book I have read till date which helps you to realise your inner self. Its written with ease that keep you inspired and dont offer any sanity discourse which is best thing about the read. The workbook in the end is very helpful if you follow it. Its surely a guide towards success by invoking your inner potential. 

The book comprises of 18 chapters of author’s experiences from life and how she dealt with failure, break-ups, relationship mess and society. With every experience she grow stronger and became more focused about her own calling. Her never dying spirit got her through depression and made her heal her issues. 

The book comes with an eleven days workbook of self- practice. Author’s main motive is to motivate you to follow the right path to achieve success. The workbook is your journey to make things happen with new learnings.

Beautiful Poem depicting essence of the book:

In the hum-drum of my life,
when I felt lost, and my vision became blurred,
a light within me shined.
That light was a spark
but it had the intensity to Light my way.
It had the intensity to embrace love within me and
allow me to trust it.
Soon, the noise stopped there was nothing in the Background.
I only had a light shining beautifully in me and guiding me.
There wasn’t any rush nor any lust for accomplishments
As the light was shining with intensity enough to see the universe within me!
As I could see the universe inside me I felt detached to the world and
once again gained the Clarity and intelligence I was born with.
I celebrated in my own being;
I danced with the virtue of God and trusted the light to blaze my path.
In the darkest moments of my life the god lifted me and guided me.
I regained the intelligence I was born with.
It was the reunion with the nine months old me
In my mother's womb, which was much more intelligent than me.
The wisdom I had possessed in my mother's womb seems
To guide me to be a greater me.
It seemed to tell me
That neither I was these shackles nor these accomplishments;
All I am is a pure light, which is here to help and guide people.
That spark just made me realize my life purpose and that
I wasn't the person defined by my parents rather just a
"Pure Bliss"

The book title just conveys the whole ideology of the book and author very clearly explains its revelance with the book at the very start. The writing style is very simple and her perspective adds a whole new dimension to every chapter. Each and every chapter is so perfectly written with very beautiful and coherent fables and her own life experience. The 11 days worbook is amazing and very helpful. The techniques described are unique and deals with our short-comings straight through and its very effective. 

The book definitely fulfilled its purpose and will surely continue to do the same for years to come. Its a must read to know your inner potential to fight day to day chaos and leads towards success.

About the Author :
Divya Kapoor describs herself as a traveler, journalist, teacher, translator, life coach and a Tarot Reader. She has studied mass communications, Learned Tarot and Reiki during my first year as the mystery world has an amazing relevance in her life. She believe life in a word can be termed as “mystery” and we all have come in this world to unravel it and ourselves.
Her inclination towards this world began when she discovered her inborn talent of signature reading and got to know she was born with a gift of insight and healing. She learnt EFT as well and she is a EFT practitioner, too. 

She is pursuing her masters in travel journalism as she have a passion to explore new places and gain insights. She is all geared up for my new adventure and a new book. In one word, She describe herself as “traveler.”

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Tiny Tales #1

 Marriage Was Her Most Beautiful Dream,
 Then She Got Married.
 And Realised,
 Reality Is Not That Beautiful.....

Momma Speaks - Why Personal Space Is Her Kiddo's Need

Little Eyes Dreams So High,
Their Dreams Touches The Zenith Of Sky,
Imagination Creates Their Beautiful World,
Where They Weave Every Single Word.
Every Word Have Its All New Definition,
The Little Mind's Are Best In Narration,
Their Creative Saga Should Never Stop,
A Space Of Their Own Is The Priority At The Top.
Ready To Fly High In His World

A Space Where Little Mind's Can Think,
A Space Where Little Mind's Can Weave,
A Space Where Little Mind's Can Create,
A Space Where Little Mind's Can Narrate.
Their Personal Space Is Their Definition Of World,
Their Personal Space Is Their Creation Of Word,
Their Personal Space Is Personally Curated By Them,
Their Personal Space Is Best Narrated By Them.
Personal Space Must For Little Minds To Grow,
They Deserve Their Personal Space And Everyone Should Know,
It Give Them Freedom To Fly,
It Give Them Power To Imagine,
It Give Them There Own World,
It Give Them Chance To Be Anywhere.
At One Moment They Dive Deep In Their Imagination Of Sea,
At Other Moment They Go Vroom On The Race Track,
At One Moment They Are In The Sky Exploring Moon And Stars,
At Other Moment They Are Singing Out Loud Like Mommy's Little Rock-star.
Their Own Place Give Them A Place To Be Just Them,
Their Own Place Give Real Meaning To Those Little Dreams,
Their Own Place Let Them Decide What's Right And What's Wrong,
Their Own Place Make Them Confident And Strong.
My Little One Live In His World Of Cars,
Where He Drive Like Crazy On His Lighting McQueen,
Where Mater The Toe Truck Is Always At Rescue,
Where Doc Hudson Car is Always Ready To Help,
Where Solly The Blue Car Is His Best Friend.
All At The Busy Race Tracks.
Where Excavator Dig So Deep,
Where Wheel-Loader Carry The Load,
Where Dump Truck, Dumps,
Where Crane Carry Things High,
Where Concrete Mixer Gives Concrete,
All At A Construction Site.
In His Own World With His Partner In Every Mischief

Where Fire Truck Is Always At Rescue,
And Ambulance Is Always By Its Side,
Where Police Cars Are Always Alert,
Where Rescue Team Is All Set To Go,
All At A Secure City.
My Little Love, Lives In His Own World Of Vehicles,
Where He Have His All New Definitions,
Where He Weaves Stories Around His Little Cars,
He Narrates Them In His Own Words,
He Stumbles But Never Fail,
He Creates, He Narrates, His Own Tales.

My Busy Little Story Teller With Main Characters Of His Stories - His Cars

The Awesomeness Will Be Zenith High,
With A Race Car Bed For Him To Ride,
His Personal Space Will Be Beautified,
And His Imagination Will Get More Wheels To Ride.
Love For Cars Are Eternal

More He Imagine, More He Weaves,
More He Creates, More He Narrates,
More He Spread His Wings, More He Learns,
More He Learns, More He Grow,
More He Grow, Much More He Achieve.
For Every Milestone Of Life,
Which He Is Yet To Achieve,
His Own Space Is Must,
For Those Naughty Yet Meaningful Mischief.
Being A Mommy Of 3.5 Years Big Boy Who Love His Cars And His Own World For Creativity And Imagination. I Wish To Add This Race Car Bed To His Personal Space Of Creation And Narration.