Thursday, 27 April 2017

My Version Of #RedTapeStories

The Chase Game Begun,
It Was A Big Run,
The Roads Are Tough But Lead To Her Heart,
He Cant Hold, Need To Start.

So He Wear His Winning Spirit,
Get Dress In His Super Hero Disguise,
He With His Partner In Crime,
Ready To Run And Climb.

With Comfort In His Feet,
Nothing Can Control His Speed,
He Was Fast, He Was Quick,
Nothing Can Be Barrier In His Winning Spree.

He Is The Winner,
Wear Whats Meant Only For Winners,
With Red Tape Shoes,
Comfort And Fast Pace,
He Stopped Her In A Winning Race.

Awarded With A Way To Connect,
He Thought What Next??

It Started With A 10Minutes Glance,
Of Her Contact Number,
And A Victory Dance,
To Control His Heart Thunder.

Then With All The Courage,
He Send A Hello Text,
Hi, She Replied.
One Text Leads To A Long Chat History,
(Sorry Cant Be Shared, Its A Secret Story)

And The Friendship Blooms,
And Touched The Chords Of Heart,
And They Both Agree,
To Be A Love-Date Part.

It Was A Coffee Date,
And He Wear His Shoes From Red Tape.
( Reason Is Simple, To Impress A Girl, Every Step Has To Be Spectacular)

The Date Started With Some ChitChat,
And Sipping Coffee Together,
They Decided A Long Ride,
Would be Much Better.

The Ride Begins And He Knows,
Impress A Girl With Chocolate And Rose,
He Stop In Between,
Bought Rose For The Lady,
And Chocolate To Share,
Her Happiness Reflects In Her Stare.

When Other Offers A Five Star Dinner Date,
He Offers To Pickup Some Stuff And Cook,
(He Knows, Every Girl Love Chef In His Man)

They Reached Home,
The Place Is Beautifully Decorated,
(He Actually Have All This Already Planned)
With Candles And Flowers All around,
It Look Like A Beautiful Background,
He Put On Some Light Music,
It Was Also In His List.

She Is Impressed And Curious Even More,
Desperate To Know Whats More Is In Store.

He Offered Her A Glass Of Wine,
Entered The Kitchen And Arranged For Her A Fine Dine,
She Got Impressed With Her Cooking Skills,
And The Musics Bring More Thrills,
So The Day Ended With Some Romantic Dance Moves,
And Ofcourse Next Meeting Plans.

She Reached Home,
And Dropped Him A Text,
Loved The Day We Spent Together,
Those Are Beautiful Memories To Gather.

This Time It Was Her Who Is More Excited,
And She Knew Its Gonna Be A Super Day.
He Picked Her For A Classy Bike Ride,
Not A Hotel To Eat,
Not A Mall To Shop,
He Choosed A Flea Market,
To Let Her Enjoy Untill She Drop.
( He Knew How Flea Market Bargains And Street Food Make Women Happy,
Girls Dont Need 5 Star Dining,
They Need Panipuri With Extra Chilli)

A Day Out,
And Doing All What She Like,
Surely Added Smile On Her Face,
A Milestone In Their Relationship.

(After Loads Of Phone Call, Uncountable Texts, And Few More Meeting)

He Dressed Up At His Best,
His Favourite Denim, Her Favourite Color Shirt,
Its Not Just A Date,
It Has Lots More To Tell.

He Reached Her Place,
She Has No Clue,
He Knocked The Door With Bunch Of Roses,
One or Two?

She Opened The Door,
And To Her Surprise,
He Was On His Knees,
With A Ring Shining So Bright.

And He Said,
I Just Wanna Say,
Be Mine...

And She Replied,
I Am Yours...

A Chase A Started For Her Love,
Continued Forever With Her,
Both Of Them Hold Hands Forever.
And A Love Story Blooms To A Beautiful Flower.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Our Winning Ways #MoreIndianThanYouThink

#MoreIndianThanYouThink Is Surely Shown,
When We Are Grown,
Papa Is Always The Support System,
Mommy Is Always Standing By Side In Every Situation,
Brothers Are Biggest Security You Ever Get,
Sisters Are Best Adviser You Ever Met.

Your Every Life Step Is Not Taken Alone,
Its A Joint Decision Of Family As A Whole,
When You Have Everyone Around,
Failures Are Not As Horrible As It Sounds.
This Leads To The Confidence And The Desi Swag,
That We Wear Every Moment In Life's Walk.

Our Desi Swag Is #MoreIndianThanYouThink,
Its Full Of Morals And Lots Of Drama,
Desi Jugaads And Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana,
Values Learnt And Cultures Celebrated,
Its About Learning And Following Ideologies,
And Winning Hearts By Being Desi.

Beautifully Clad In Her Saree,
She Walked In And Looked Around,
Her First Day In New Office,
And There Is No Positive Sounds.

She Know Her Work,
And She Know She Wont Stuck,
But Her Heart Sunks,
When She Realise, She Is Alone Among Everyone..

But She Is #MoreIndianThanYouThink,
She Is Ready To Impress With Her Indian Trick,
Very Next Day,
She Enters Office With A Smile,
And Greeted Everyone 'Namaskar',
She Brought Out All Her Well Learned 'Sanskar'(morals).

With Every Smile She Spread,
And With Every Smile She Get,
Smile Is Contagious Is Proved Again,
And She Get Her Happy Space.

Same Day, During LunchTime,
While Everyone Was Thinking What to Order,
She Opened Her Big Dabba( Lunch Box) And Invites Everyone To Savour.
That 'Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana'
Works Wonders.

Her Indian Trick Worked At A Superfast Pace,
With Food Cooked With Love,
Served With Care,
And Relished Together With Fun,
She Get Her Much Needed Positivity In Her New Workplace.

All Set To Give Her Very Important Presentation,
That Was A Result Of Her Two Years Of Dedication,
Last One Week Was Full Of Extra Hard Work She Put In,
To Sum-up In Best Way What She Thinks.

Confident About Her Presentation Skills,
Next Step Is To Dress To Stir.
She Decided To Dress Up In Her Nicely Done Cotton Saree,
With A Hint Of Kohl,
She Is Ready For Her Role.

But When She Reached The Office,
Got Titled As "BehanJi" Coz Of Her Saree,
But She Is #MoreIndianThanYouThink,

She Proudly Puts Up Her Bindi,
That Represents Her Pride,
Darken Her Kohl,
And Get Started With Her Role,
She Joint Her Hands,
Greeted Everyone Namaste.
Everyone Was Impressed With Her Work,
And Flattered By Her Dressing Way.

BehanJi Was Her Tag,
But She Used Her Tag To Impress.
Her Indian Ways Make Her Out Shine,
And She Exclaimed - The World Is Mine With Her Indian Pride.

Life Is Full Of Struggles,
Some We Win,
Some We Loose,
But One Think Is Sure,
Between Loosing And Winning,
We Learn Much More.

Her Winning Game Was About To Change,
Her Winning Streaks Gonna Have A New Name,
Soon A Carrier Oriented Women,
Choosed A Little Life Over Her Blooming Career.

Everyone Questioned Her Decision,
But Her Answers Are #MoreIndianThanYouThink.

She Expressed,
One Little Life Am Gonna Hold,
After Puting My Career To Hold,
Its Surely Not The End,
But A New Beginning Trend.

I Wanna See My Little Love Grow,
I Want The Mother In Me To Take Over The Role,
She Said,
Am At Home,
To Make Sure, My Kid Learn What I Learned In My Childhood,
He Understands Whats Bad And Whats Good,
He Learns What Everyone Around Know,
He Keep Learning When He Grow.

I Wanna Be At Home,
To See Him Grow,
I Wanna Be At Home,
To Let Him Learn More And More.

I Wanna Transfer The Morals,
I Am Grown Up With,
I Want To Teach Him To Respect Everyone,
And Protect Someone In Need.
I Want To Teach Him Whats Missing In Todays Generation,
I Want To Help Him,
To Grow Over The Current Skirt Length Speculation.
I Want To Teach Him The Real Meaning Of Equality,
I Want Him To See The Reality.

I Want Him To Be #MoreIndianThanYouThink to Think Bigger and Perform Better.

Greetings With Joined Hands,
'Namaste' Is Heart Warming Trend,
Spreading Happiness Is The Essence Of Culture We Follow,
We Live Happily Yesterday Today And Tomorrow.
We Are United In Diversity,
We Celebrate Holi, Baishakhi, Diwali, Christmas And Eid.
Our Diverse Cultures Teach Us How To Unite,
Our Unity Is Our Winning Strike.

Words Are Many,
Experiences Are Still Pouring,
Few Shared Above Shows The Essence Of My Life,
I Just Love Being The Desi Me,
The Indian Desi Avatar Is My USP.

Being Indian Is New Trend, Approval By Mom Is A Ritual,
Home Made Food Is Just What Our Tastebuds Need,
Hosting The Indian Way Is What Touches Hearts,
Even Lufthansa Airlines Understand This Part.
So They Step Forward The Indian Way,
With Desi Greetings, Desi Food, Desi Entertainment,
They Are Stealing Many Hearts With Their #MoreIndianThanYouThink Ways.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

New Vivo V5 Plus - Celebration Of 10 Years Of IPL

With the launch of Vivo V5 plus limited edition now it’s really “cricket ke fans ki waah bhai waah!” Vivo presents the new V5 plus smartphone to celebrate 10 years of Indian Premier League cricket series. The cricket fans can now buy this matte black limited edition V5 plus phone glided with the VIVOIPL logo at the back. It’s clear that Vivo has paid a lot of attention towards the design and feel of the phone to bring something exclusive to the cricket crazy fans. The phone was launched before the beginning of IPL Twenty20. Vivek Zhang, the CMO of Vivo India expresses his delight at the launch saying, “We are very proud to be introducing the beautiful VIVOIPL limited edition V5 Plus phones on the 10th anniversary of the IPL. The idea behind the launch of limited edition phone was to offer our consumers with not just the phone but an experience they can cherish for a lifetime.”

The cricket fans can now enjoy taking the perfect selfie with the ultimate selfie phone. The dual front camera of the phone has attracted all the attention and has given a tough competition to the other phones in the market. It has a primary camera of 20 MP sensor with an f/2.0 aperture and a secondary camera of 8 MP sensor.  The primary camera gives sharpness to the picture while the latter is used to create a bokeh effect by separating the focussed picture from the background. The aperture could be adjusted according to how shallow one wants the depth of field effect to be. The camera is capable of taking sharp and detailed selfies even in low light.

Vivo V5 plus limited edition smartphone stands out for its matte black texture, the VIVOIPL logo and its price. The matte black smartphone has the same specifications as the previously launched Vivo V5 plus phone, but with a lower price. The phone is now available in Vivo exclusive stores, modern trade outlets and is also available online. V5 plus limited edition costs Rs. 25,990 on Flipkart which is much cheaper than the previous one which was Rs. 27,980. It is a pure treat to all the IPL fans.

It has a strong battery backup of 3,055 mAh, which lasts for a day. The battery is inbuilt which could be fully charged in about one hour.  It has slots for two nano SIMS. It has a 5.5 FHD display with a gorilla glass. It comes with a 64GB of inbuilt memory and 4GB RAM, is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core CPU and uses 4G LTE network.