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Save Climate – Switch To Ecofriendly Solutions

Our life revolves around mother nature and climate is an essential part of our life. In amidst of mother nature, we celebrate living in various environmental conditions that affect our lives a lot. These environmental conditions are also named as climate. So, how we define climate?

Climate is the statistical measure of weather over a long period of time and it measured by keeping a track of variations in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and many more factors.

There are many factors that affect the climate that includes altitude, latitude, distance from the sea, ocean currents and prevailing winds etc.

Climate Change is the statistics that show the change in climate over the period of time. Climate change is actually a big environmental challenge that we are facing. It’s affecting our ecosystem, agriculture, infrastructure, health, and biosecurity.

We, humans, create many scenarios that lead to climate change by increasing the temperature of the earth through greenhouse emissions like carbon dioxide, burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, and hand driven changes like urbanization and deforestation and many more. Climate change affects sustainable development.

Climate change leads to more frequent and much more intense drought, storms, heat waves, and many more adverse situations.

To fight climate change we need to Support Environmental sustainability, it helps us to maintain a right balance with the environment. Environment sustainability is all about maintaining a responsible interaction with the environment that helps us to avoid depletion of natural resources and helps in long-term environmental quality.

Its time join hands to save the environment and natural resources. Save Environment is the initiative that the need of the day to protect the environment. Going green or choosing to go eco-friendly is really needed to save the climate change we are facing.

Just a few changes in your lifestyle can help us fight climate change. From going energy efficient, buying smart appliances, recycling to using reusable bags and bottles. Even saving electricity and water also helps. Carpooling also helps in saving the environment.

I have a reason to talk about climate and going eco-friendly today, I recently stumbled upon website and blog of a climatologist with 30 years of experience studying the weather, Dr. Adrian Rubin. Adrian today understands the science behind the remarkable beauty and some frightening appearance of her childhood fascination with the sky(clouds). Adrian researched the effects of climate change on the rainforest and choose to expand upon the holistic aspects of climate change. Her approach towards mother nature and climate is impressive and she is surely taking her step towards creating awareness about climate change and educating others about the same.

After going through her blog I really felt having a knowledge and educating others about climate change is a must and concentrating on saving the climate using eco-friendly alternatives of each and everything possible.

An eco-friendly approach is nothing but natural modification to inspire healthy living. Going eco-friendly is all about doing our bit towards the environment, protecting the planet and living in harmony with mother nature.

So its time to understand climate, climate changes, and benefits of maintaining environmental sustainability by adopting eco-friendly approaches.

Go Green!

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  1. Very well written…we need more people like you who live Green and can inspire people to contribute their part to the society

  2. i agree to protect enviournment and give love and care to nature is important for all that effects the climate change. Nice post.

  3. Climate change is a very crucial problem. everyone thing and that great measure to cop up with it.

  4. I inspire with this post ,we all should try to spread this message of greenery among all

  5. In my past I have worked with an organization that truely believed in this ‘go green’ movement! You have penned a beautiful article… I hope and wish it inspires many more.. keep up the good work!

  6. This is the crucial issue which we should address soon and properly. Choosing sustainable choices would be a great option 🙂

  7. Well this is really a great article on living in environment friendly way. All those tips are really useful

  8. Agreed. See, if we can keep our home neat and clean then we should keep this earth clean right? We are living in this earth so its our responsibility after all.

  9. Amazing and informative post. Climate change is the natural phenomenon. Eco-friendly environment is necessary for the substantial and healthy life. Great thoughts.

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