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Stay Prepared During Covid 19 with Matt Redhawk

We all welcomed 2020 with lots of joy and dreams to achieve but by the end of first three months, all we know, was 2020 was not about achieving, its all about surviving.

With covid 19 outbreak and it’s declaration as pendamic, survival become the ultimate goal for everyone. And we need to be prepared for it. Being prepared for Covid 19 is all about having everything you need to stay safe at home. Almost entire world is under lockdown and we are living with minimum supplies, we need to accept the situation and stay positive.

They say, precaution is better than cure and taking precautions during this pandemic is must as this can be fatal too.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Wash your hands, before and after going out.
  • Keep using alcohal based sanitizers.
  • Don’t forget to wear facemasks and gloves.
  • Maintain social distancing, don’t forget covid 19 is not curable.
  • Stock enough supplies.
  • Do shop online as much possible.
  • Wipe or sanitize delivery packages, open them outside and wash hands after that.

Things you should do to stay prepared:

  • Stock food, buy food with longer shelf life. Don’t forget to keep a good stock of baby food a pet food if needed.
  • keep a stock of household supplies as well like toilet paper, toothpaste etc.
  • Keep a stock of prescribed medicine and generic medicines too.

And if you are going out to buy essentials, follow all precautionary measures.

One country that’s majorly affected is USA and stepping out of home isnt safe. So, if you are in USA, My Patriot Supply, is a perfect place to buy emergency supplies. They provide survival supplies and years to keep you prepared for emergencies.

Is important to be prepared for emergencies as they visit is suddenly. For food independence during covid19 and staying prepared for future emergencies , buy food supplies My Patriot supply because:

  • They have easy to prepare meals, packed properly.
  • They offer different variety of meals.
  • The shelf life of the food is upto 25years.
  • Meals are resealable for multiple use
  • The food delivered by My Patriot Supply is free from MSG.

My Patriot Supply is the brain child of Matt Redhawk. He along with a few others, founded My Patriot supply, because, they all have a common passion for self sufficiency and food independence. With My patroit supply they want to drive to practice emergency preparedness, and encourage survivalist lifestyle, which they follow themselves. They believe that true freedom comes from attaining a certain level of self-reliance

Matt – a family man, entrepreneur, artist and an author , himself endured hard times and is aware of cons of not being prepared, so he took a step, to help others to be prepared for emergencies as they are likely to happen.

Its better to be prepared, than to panic. So, get keep yourself safe during this pandemic and get prepared for future emergencies with Matt Redhawk’s My Patriot Supply because we like it or not, emergencies do knock our door and nothing is better than being prepared.

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