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7 Ideas for Styling a Large Living Room

It is easy to find a lot of inspiration for decorating small living rooms. But when it comes to larger ones, not a lot of help is available. Big rooms have some of their own challenges, and that’s what we will be addressing in this article. So, if you have an extremely huge living room area with high ceilings, these ideas will help you make the most of your space.

Living room

Let’s get started…

1. Strategically place tall potted plants
To fill up your lonely space potted plants make an ideal choice. Along with adding focus to empty spaces these plants introduce greenery in your room. These massive houseplants make your living room appear livelier therefore you can never go wrong with them.

Living room

2. Paint two-tone walls
Accentuating your walls with colors and textures can change the perceived size of a room. They make your ceilings appear lower than they actually are. The polished finishes, textured wallpapers, custom wall painting all create depth and accord your room seamlessness without being overboard.

3. Fill a large space with an L-shaped sectional Sofa
Contemporary styled modern living room designs are suited for accommodating a big L-shaped sofa. These pieces are chic and beautifully fit into large spaces. In addition to filling up space, this sofa provides superb comfortability.

Living room

4. Interchange your coffee table with an oversize ottoman
A large gap between the sofa and coffee table can make your room feel empty. Therefore, to ensure your room appears cozy swap traditional coffee table with a big upholstered ottoman. This will reduce the gap and will add softness to the room at the same time.

5. Use room dividers
For decorating large spaces room dividers serve a good option. They have the ability to visually break up space while maintaining the flow between zones. Dividers provide you a huge assortment- ranging from permanent to non-permanent ones. A tall bookcase is a good intermediate solution- it provides appreciable separation and through its open design as well as facilitates effective interaction between the spaces.

6. Create a seating area or reading nook
In a large living room, even after decking up the main seating area, there is likely to be a space left out which remains empty. If you put in some efforts this left out space can be turned into your special seating zone. You can also use it as your work from the home office. Just pick any from chic office table designs and create your favorite spot to work and hangout.

7. Use occasional chairs
Here comes another fantastic idea. Use the surplus space in your living room area by keeping a few extra chairs. A console table accompanied by a pair of chairs and a large artwork exudes a pretty look. Additionally, you can also fill up empty spaces with versatile X-benches. They work as footstools as well as side tables.

Follow these tips and make your large living room stand out. Accentuate your high ceilings and extra space using these amazing Lifestyle ideas.

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  1. These are some nice pointers for a nice living room decor. I like to have a natural feel and the idea of tall potted plants is great to bring nature indoors.

  2. Thanks for these 7 ideas… I liked the idea of placing a long plant & 2 tone walls. I am planning to redesign the room… your idea will help me a lot.

  3. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Those are some nice tips for decorating living room. I like the idea of 2 tone walls. In fact I have done this in my living room. Yes, potted plants are very good, eco-friendly concept.

  4. These are some nice tips to follow for my large drawing room. I will go with the plants I like green around me

  5. These are fabulous ideas for making a large living room feel so cozy. It can be fun to bring life to a large living room through decorating it. Great thoughts.

  6. These are some of the fantastic ideas shared by you. People actually need one stop destination of desigining their fav living room to the beautiful one.

  7. I am definitely going to consider these tips to decorate our living room as it is comparatively a larger one.

  8. The ideas are indeed worth emulating, I liked the urban ladder collection you recommended.

  9. The ideas are so adoptable . I love urban ladder collection , even I have few things from urban ladder in my living room.

  10. I’ve one large room and want to do interior for that. These tips really going to help a lot in my planning

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