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Money Games – Fun Way To Teach Your Child About Financial Concepts.

As a mother, my primary focus is ensuring that my son is well-prepared for the various challenges and opportunities he will encounter in life. I believe that imparting valuable lessons to children is essential for their personal growth and development. However, considering his young age, I recognize that overwhelming him with life lessons could be counterproductive. Therefore, I strive to find enjoyable and engaging ways to teach him through various activities and games.

I recently started teaching him about finance. I think it’s important for him to learn about the value of money at a young age. I found amazing money games on the mortgage calculator website that I think he’ll enjoy. I’ve been to that website before, but I didn’t know they had a games section and it an excellent way to teach him.

As I explored the games section, I discovered that they offer a variety of educational games focused on teaching financial concepts. They have some excellent money games and various simulation games. Each game features multiple levels, allowing children to learn various aspects of money and finances while having fun.

All games are incredibly enjoyable, but our top three favorites are: Cashback, Lego city adventures build and protect, and Ideal money tree.

Cashback: I assisted my child in learning how to calculate cash backs while shopping. Through play, he progressed from an easy level with hints to a hard level without assistance. It was delightful to observe his rapid mental calculations and acquisition of cashback concepts. I believe he is now prepared for his independent trip to the supermarket.

Lego City Adventures Build and Protect : This is a game that my son thoroughly enjoys. As he has a passion for constructing things with Lego, this game allows him to bring his Lego creations to life. From searching for the necessary Lego pieces to building, collecting taxes, apprehending criminals, and extinguishing fires, this game provides an immersive experience that brings his Lego stories to life.

Ideal money tree : I recall my parents stating that money cannot be obtained effortlessly, and as a parent, I have reiterated this to my son. This game demonstrates that even in a virtual environment, we must exert effort to earn money. The more effort one puts in, the more money they earn, reinforcing the concept that money does not grow on trees in real life as well. It serves as an effective tool to instill the value of money in my son.

Teaching children the value of money is of great importance, and these remarkable games make the process effortless and enjoyable. They encompass various financial aspects and transform learning into an amusing experience for kids. My son finds immense pleasure in playing these games. If you are a parent who wishes to educate your children about finances, these games will undoubtedly captivate you. Embark on a delightful journey of imparting financial knowledge to your child through engaging money games on a mortgage calculator.

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