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Keep Your Home Clean and Hygienic with PUER

A clean and tidy house is one of the secrets to creating a happy home

Cleaning house is a complete process and two main parts of it is floor cleaning and washing utensils, and managing hygiene at the same time. Better the products, more hygienic and cleaner is your house.

After using many brands, I finally settled down with PUER. PUER have a wide range of products that includes Home Care products and Personal Care products.


Why I Choose PUER:

  • PUER products are inspired by mother nature
  • Have no toxic chemicals.
  • Works amazingly. You can feel significant difference.
  • Products are safe.
  • Have amazing fragrance.

Two of my favorite products from the brand are:

PUER Dishwashing Gel: Indian kitchens are know to create amazing masal-e-daar recipes, which in the process of cooking also leaves oil and grease as residue, thereby making the utensils very dirty at the end of it all.

A bowl of Gajar ka Halwa or Biryani we enjoy, leaves us with heavy cooking utensils with tough stains, and, plates and bowls with greasy remains, which are difficult to clean. Food stains on utensils are always tough to clean and it’s even tougher if the stains dries up.

PUER dishwashing gel is made with natural yet powerful ingredients that helps in cleaning these tough stains easily.


Highlights of Product:

  • Made with ECOCERT and COSMOS ingredients.
  • 0 harmful chemical and toxin.
  • Powerful on tough stains and dried up dishes.
  • Use only a tablespoon for sink full of dishes.
  • Amazing lime fragrance to fight bad odour of left over food on utensils.
  • Safe and soft on hands.
  • Does not leave any harmful chemicals or patches on washed utensils.

Utensils are sparkling clean with PUER dishwashing gel.

PUER Floor Cleaner: Being a mom, one thing I never compromise on is clean floors. It’s impossible to stop kids from playing on floors, so keeping it clean is a must. A single stain on floor, always make house look dirtier and is an unpleasant sight.


For a clean house, we need a perfect floor cleaner and PUER floor cleaner is definitely one you need. It removes tough and even old stains from floor, and leaves house with an amazing smell to love.

Highlights of Product:

  • Kills 99.99% germs
  • No SLS. No Methylisothiazolinone
  • Leaves a pleasant fragrance, for a happy home
  • Super quick drying time, a must during winters
  • Streak free sparkling floor
  • Fight stains effortlessly
  • Safe for kids.

Powered by Malodour Control Technology, PUER is a disinfectant floor cleaner, and leaves floor sparkling clean and fill your house with an amazing fragrance as fresh as a floral garden.

PUER Floor Cleaner make mopping easy and with the help of plant- based goodness and high-performance cleaner and humectant, it is suitable for all type of floors. What more you can ask for.

These two products from PUER are must have at my home. These make two of the most difficult chore at house easy and give me a clean house and a cleaner kitchen.

Do try these products and let me know, if you resonate with my thoughts.

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  1. PUER us emerging as a strong brand in the market. It is giving the customers multiple uses in the form of floor cleaner, dish liquid, laundry detergent. Thats awesome.

  2. I am using PUER products and am so much in love with the fragrance; the quality is amazing, and I loved that now so many multiple products are coming from the same brand.

  3. I am so glad that we have options to choose eco-friendly and non -toxic products to keep our homes and office clean without compromising on the safety of our children especially in theses times when sanitization has become a priority.

  4. I am hearing a lot about PUER cleaning products all across the web. I liked the fact that they are chemical free and safe for kids. will check their website for sure to explore more about it from my side.

  5. i will go for it .i was looking for it.my friend also recommended me.thank you for the useful information

  6. I have tried Puer cleaning products and liked their cleaning gel. It had nice fragrance and its chemical and toxin free nature makes me feel safe when using it at home.

  7. I am using PUER products and completely agree that they are super good and at the same time chemical free too. I truly feel safe to use these products at home.

  8. Been hearing a lot of good reviews about puer. Also 0 toxins makes it much trustworthy. Will check this out

  9. This product looks promising and I think it is need of an hour too. Would love to try this out. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  10. Have been reading a few reviews on puer products and am definitely planning to try them. The best part is that they are chemical free.

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