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Zoomed Towards Justice.

Read Previous Chapter Here *Next Morning* Neha wake up and there is hurry in her eyes, like she quickly want to say something, like she quickly want to go out, like she is quickly looking for some answers. And same is with Nikhil, even he want Neha to speak quickly …

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You Are Back, Finally

Read Previous Chapter Here… And suddenly, there are loud beeps from the life support system, there is turmoil in the hospital. Doctors and nurses rushed to the I.C.U. and there was a panic in the waiting area as well. Every one was so tensed,and after an hour of chaos and …

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Xenium Of Testament

Read Previous Chapter Here Nikhil was skeptical of What Neha want to do, but he decided to not discuss anything and let her do whatever she wants. And they are in attic again But this time everything is just fine, they way it was suppose to be. Neha quickly cleaned …

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Worries and Whereabouts

Read Previous Chapter Here.. And, suddenly Neha stopped crying, wiped her tears and started looking for her phone. Where is my phone?, Neha asked. Where it is? Neha panicked. Nikhil is unable to understand her reaction and silently pointed towards her phone on the table. Neha quickly picked her phone …

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Vision or Reality

Read Previous Chapter Here… Neha gathered all the photographs and came out of attic. She was looking at the pictures continuously and tears are rolling down her eyes. Now her fear took a new turn. She is afraid about Anu. She really want to know where she is. She was …

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Time To Twist The Tale

Read Previous Chapter Here Neha was suspicious that it’s Anu but not sure. So, Neha remained silent when Nikhil questioned her. So many unanswered questions make the situation very uncomfortable. Neha just leave to other room to bring back a little comfort. After, around 1 hour, Nikhil go near herand …

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Silence In The Storm

Read Previous Chapter Here… Nikhil and Neha started reading the book. There was a strange silence all around. The gushing sound of wind was so clear. Wind is gushing loudly, the plants in the balcony make a strange crushing sound. All of a sudden, it started raining. Admist the silence …

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Read It To Rule It

Read Previous Chapter Here.. Nikhil asked Neha to get the book. He is very suspicious about how the book is ruling Neha’s life. He is unable to understand whatever she is saying. Nikhil in his deepest thoughts thinking about this. How is all this possible? How can a book rule …

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Quest For Answers

Read Previous Chapter Here Next morning when Nikhil wake up, she started looking for Neha and he panicked, when he saw unconsious Neha on the floor, near the attic. He rushed to her and sprinkle some water on her face to wake her. Neha – there is someone in the …

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