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Worries and Whereabouts

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And, suddenly Neha stopped crying, wiped her tears and started looking for her phone.
Where is my phone?, Neha asked.
Where it is? Neha panicked.

Nikhil is unable to understand her reaction and silently pointed towards her phone on the table. Neha quickly picked her phone and start calling Raju Bhaiya again. She called him repeatedly for about 50 times but he didn’t receive the call.

All this can’t be true. Why Raju Bhaiya is not receiving my call? Is he lying? But why? No,he cant lie about all this. Neha is talking to herself and Nikhil put hand on her shoulder.

She looked at Nikhil and said,
How all this is possible. Anu can never commit suicide. You know her, she was so strong. Why she do this? And When all this happened? It’s all my fault. How can I leave her like this? I left her all alone. Its my fault.

Weke, this isnt your fault , don’t blame.

And Neha’s phone ring again. It’s Raju Bhaiya again. Nikhil recieved the call had a conversation with him and disconnected the call.

Neha- What did he said.?
Anu was depressed, after your last meeting with her. She locked herself in her room and never came out. Everyone tried everything. Even doctors couldn’t help. So, uncle aunty decided to leave the country and move to Newyork. But before they leave, Anu committed suicide.

Uncle Aunty, Where are they? They are fine? Aunty always said I have two daughters and I betrayed her. I wasn’t with them when they needed me the most.
They are fine Neha. They left to New York after Anu’s last rituals. Raju Bhaiya is sending their contact number.

And Anu, She is in our attic? But why? She want to say something? Is she here? If not than who is in there?

Nikhil! Nikhil!! Nikhil!!
Yes Neha…

I wanna meet Anu. I want to talk to her. I know, gorl I saw in attic is her… She really want to say something.

But how will you communicate?

Book, the book is going to be the medium for our communication.

Saying this, Neha quickly grabbed the book and said lets go in attic again.


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