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Unaware Of Unknown Presence

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Neha gathered all courage and decided to enter the attic.
I am right here Neha. If at any point of time, you want my help just call me.
O.K. Nikhil. Please don’t go anywhere.
Never. I wont move for even an inch.

Neha opened the attic door.

Don’t be afraid, just look around you and undo all the changes.

Neha entered the attic and Nikhil followed her silently and secretly. And everything was same as described by Neha. The so called storeroom look like a small beroom. Well decorated with all the items in storage used perfectly and the flickering light. The sight inside the attic is scary.

Nikhil can see, Neha shivering and hear her chanting some mantras and trying to undo everything and put all the stuff the way it was originally. Neha was to engrossed to finish everything quickly and go back but the more she do, the more she see. The work in attic seems unending.

And than the light flickered And Neha saw someone in front of her. In the limited light, She see a girl wearing something white with a high ponytail( just like Anu) but a pale white face.

And Neha shouted Nikhil! Nikhil! Nikhil!Nikhil hold her and said I’m behind you.
There in someone here.

Neha, am here only. There in no one.
No, there’s a girl here. She look like Anu. Same height, same high ponytail and wearing her favorite color, white.
Before Nikhil could say anything, light flickered again and Neha pointed towards the chair on the side, there she is and Nikhil felt someone’s presence too.

It can’t be Anu. She can’t enter or attic without our permission.
But she look like Anu only.
Neha I think you are over thinking about it.
No, I am not.
Neha, keep calm. No one is here.

And than suddenly a box fall to show the presence of the unknown and the box is full of Neha’s memories with Anu.

All of a sudden, the attic is back to normal and lights stopped flickering and the entire attic floor is full of Neha and Anu’s photographs.

Neha, sit on the floor, pickup a picture and with murmered. Where are you Anu? I miss you. Are you O.k. ?


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  1. You scared me yogita, this is really scary

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