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Bridal Nightwear: Types of Sexy Babydoll Nighties to Pick from

Your first night together after your wedding is always meant to be special. Out of all the things that you have planned for it, your bridal nightwear, such as a babydoll, plays a significant part. It does half of the job of impressing your partner on your behalf. You can find a honeymoon nighty in various types and colours. So, to help you with it, we have listed below a few types of babydoll nighties that you pick from for your special night. Let us take a look at them.


1. Satin And Lace Babydoll

Satin has always been associated with class and elegance, and the lace paired with it will bring in the oomph factor in your honeymoon nighty. So, when you want to look sensuous and class at the same, you can go for a satin and lace babydoll


2. Lacey Babydolls

Lace is a perfect fit when you want to tease your partner a little on your wedding night. This semi-transparent material will make the babydoll even more sensuous on you. A honeymoon nighty as such will surely make your partner fall for you all over again.


3. Lace And Mesh Babydolls

It is one of the sexiest combinations to slay ‘the night.’ It will flaunt all your assets making your partner swoon. You will find this honeymoon nighty in various colours, and you can go for the black because it is hard to beat this colour. It will tingle all your partner’s desires.


4. Fitted Babydolls

The name is relatively self-explanatory. This fitted honeymoon nighty will bring all the attention to your curves. Sensuous and sexy nightwear as such is a perfect choice for the much-awaited wedding night.


5. Mesh And Metallic Lace Babydoll

This ‘show no-show’ combination of mesh and metallic lace will take your honeymoon game a level higher. It will cover the areas to make your partner want more and reveal enough to keep his attention all on you.


6. Pleated Babydoll

When you are looking for a sexy honeymoon nighty, you can select such a type of babydoll because these bring in the element of flirtatiousness and sensuousness together. This hot and scintillating nightwear is sure to make your wedding night more adventurous and exciting.


7. Lace Chemise

Another babydoll that you can pick for your ‘the night’ is the lace chemise. It scores the highest in attractiveness and helps you make the moments spent with your partner more passionate. A bodycon honeymoon nighty will also flaunt all your assets, making it difficult for your better half to take their eyes off you.



All the types of babydolls mentioned above have their unique characteristics, but it will only enhance your beauty when you choose any one or two out of them. Wearing a sexy and sensuous honeymoon nighty on your wedding night will make your partner feel more wanted and valued. After all, it is your night to slay! We hope we have helped you select the sexiest babydoll for your romantic adventure.

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  1. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

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  3. wow this would be a useful article for a new bride. One can definite slay in Babydoll

  4. This is a wide range of nightwear suitable for brides. Each one has its own unique appeal. Very useful posts for those looking for bridal nightwear suggestions.

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