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How can good quality protein help in improving the overall health of a diabetic?

Diabetes is a disease that is harming a majority of the world’s population. Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that, if left without treatment, can result in poor health. Once a person is diabetic or pre-diabetic the doctor prescribes certain medicines to control it. However, type 2 diabetes can be well managed by adapting a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity. Apart from medicines, there are dietary and lifestyle changes required that could help in curing and controlling the disease. As per scientific researches, it has been concluded that certain foods can help in managing the overall health of an individual living with diabetes. A healthy lifestyle that includes a well-balanced diet and nourishing foods is crucial for your overall health and also helps lower blood sugar levels.¹

Need of good quality protein for diabetics in India:
As per researches done by doctors from all parts of the world, it has been concluded that protein can be beneficial for managing diabetes. Protein can be termed as the wonder nutrient and is one of the three essential macronutrients that should be consumed for good health and to ensure adequate performance of important functions of the body.²A protein rich diet is beneficial as it helps in weight loss and reduces the intake of carbohydrates. Protein, when consumed in excess quantity, gets converted in glucose that is used as a source of fuel and stored as fat. It improves the protein insulin levels in body and thus helps with diabetes.³

How to incorporate protein in your diet?
Incorporating protein in your diet is not as easy as it may sound. Getting healthy and wholesome meals that are rich in protein is complex. The situation is even more difficult for diabetic patients as they need to avoid large quantities of food and even simple carbohydrate-rich foods like breads, sugar, and grains as they can increase the blood sugar levels. Lean meat like fish, chicken, and egg whites, pulses, beans, legumes, leafy vegetables are allowed as they contain fiber and protein. But then getting required quantity of protein from this diet is not easy as portions need to be regulated. In this case, opting for a protein supplement is the preferred way to go.

Ensure Diabetes Care is one such option available in the market. This scientifically formulated supplement fulfills the need of good quality protein for diabetics in India. It tastes good and keeps you full for longer hours. It can be taken in-between as a partial meal replacement. Ensure Diabetes Care is a diabetes specific nutrition that helps control blood sugar levels in 4weeks.

Add 6 scoops in water and shake it thoroughly and the drink is ready! So next time, if a diabetic under your care feels like a snack, give them Ensure Diabetes Care instead.⁴

Good quality protein can go a long way in helping a diabetic control their blood sugar levels.


4. There was significant reduction in HbA1c compared to baseline and control at 1st month when used along with lifestyle intervention. The term “control” based on ADA recommendation of less stringent A1C goals. Consult your physician before making changes to your diet. Mohan V et al J. Assoc. Phys. Ind. 2019;67(12)25-

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  1. Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay

    Very useful article. It’ll help everyone suffering from diabetes. I’m conveying this to my aunt.

  2. I have two diabetic friends. I will share this with them. This is a very useful post that you have put up. Diabetes has been the bane of a large population.

  3. Quite an insightful and helpful article on how quality protein can help a diabetic person.

  4. This is a very informative post. Managing Diabetes is so important and especially one needs to focus on the diet. The importance of proteins cannot be underlined enough.

  5. Very Informative and good blog to read. I can share this with my family as most of them are diabetic and this will definitely help them.

  6. That’s an interesting post. Did not know that protein can help to improve overall health even for a diabetic.

  7. Protein provides the body with steady energy and helps it body heal and repair. Protein intake is best to stay satisfied and improve blood sugars.

  8. That’s very helpful information about importance of protein in diabetes. My father is also taking #EnsureDiabetesCare from last year. It helps in maintaining his blood sugar levels

  9. Thanks for sharing valuable information related to managing blood-sugar level in Diabetes. My diabetic family member also takes Ensure Diabetes Care.

  10. We all need to understand the importance of proteins in our diet and especially diabetic patients as each meal can make a difference. #EnsureDiabetesCare is best to balance the nutritional intake.

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