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Happinetz Helps With Safe Online Games

The Internet was always an integral part of life but post covid and lockdown, life without the Internet is unthinkable, not only for us but for our kids too. From education to entertainment, everything is online. My son enjoys online games a lot. But the mother in me is always concerned about the advertisements shown in between game levels. Happinetz is the answer to my concerns. Now my son can play his favourite games and I don’t have to worry about him accessing inappropriate content.

What is Happinetz?

Happinetz is the answer to every parent’s prime concern to provide “Safe Internet for Kids.” Happinetz box connects to your home router and filters out age-inappropriate content. Just connect your kid’s device to Happinetz WiFi and you can easily manage their internet screen time, filter out age-inappropriate content and get insights into your kid’s internet activity.

Why Happinetz?

In the technology-driven era we live in, keeping kids away from the internet is not possible. As a mother, I am in favour of regulated screen time, as they gain knowledge and entertainment too. They cannot play outside till too late in the evening, so a little bit of online games does no harm.

My son is 9 years old. His education depends a lot on the Internet, as he needs to search for study-related content. Also, he loves playing online games. But no matter how many age-appropriate games he downloads, the advertisements in between games are not for his age. And those advertisements misguide kids.

Happinetz is the easiest way to provide age-appropriate internet to kids and let them explore it in the safest way.

  1. Exhaustive filtration system – Happinetz blocks more than 18M adult websites and 4M unsecured websites. It also monitors more than 110 websites and apps. This makes the internet a safe place for your kids and keeps them away from content that’s not suitable for them.
  2. Manage screen time – Screen time management for kids is important as more screen time has ill effects on their health and well-being. Happinetz gives parents an easy way to manage screen time for kids. We can set up time limits for usage and also, pause the internet if needed. That gives kids an understanding of how to manage screen time properly.
  3. Understand your child’s internet usage with Insights and History – The detailed insights on the app about our kid’s internet usage give us an upper hand to understand them.
  4. Easily customizable settings – Happinetz allows us to change the default settings and customize the filtration as per our requirements. You can whitelist or blacklist URLs as per need.

How to Install?

It’s an easy 2-step installation process.

  1. Connect the Happinetz box to your home router
  2. Downtown Happinetz app and follow the instructions.

And you are done. Just connect your kid’s device, select the age group – kid, teen or adult and use the internet as much as needed.

Happinetz helps with safe online games

We all agree online games are part of kids’ life. Most of the games are on gaming websites and even downloaded games need internet access to play. Happinetz makes online games safe.

  1. It blocks most ads in games. The gameplay is smooth and there are no unwanted ads.
  2. We can set a limit on the time kids play games.
  3. It restricts websites and apps that are not secure and keeps your child safe.
  4. It restricts payments for kids, so they cannot pay for anything by mistake.

Children these days spend a lot of time online and the internet is the most vulnerable place. I always felt a need for some way to make internet access safe for my son and Happinetz has made this possible.

Other Happinetz features that make me a happy parent

  1. It works on all devices including phones (iOS and Android), tablets, laptops and smart TVs.
  2. Works with every browser and even with the incognito mode of the browser.
  3. Uses a multilevel filtration system and takes care of all well-known methods to bypass the filtering.
  4. It ensures a safe internet without the need to install apps on children’s gadgets. Just connect their devices to Happinetz WiFi and you are sorted. 5. Provides helpful Insights into kids’ internet usage, so we can be assured of their safety.

How has Happinetz made my life easy?

My major concern with the internet was online games. Whenever my son utilizes his screen time, other than searching for study-related stuff, he is either watching videos on YouTube or playing online games.

There are many gaming websites or apps where kids play with other players across the world. Some of them are safe and fun but most of them are not suitable for little kids. Also, the games my son loves to play have advertisements for other apps and all of those are not age-appropriate at all.

When I installed Happinetz. I was not expecting it to remove ads from different games he plays. But to my surprise most of the ads, options to play videos for extra boost, everything is gone. The game plays smoothly and without many advertisements.

Happinetz has a curated list of games that are safe for kids. My son had a great time exploring them and now he has a few favourite games that he enjoys. The best part is that I know they are completely safe.

Another concern was unwanted and inappropriate content, ads and suggested websites coming while searching online. With millions of restricted and monitored websites via Happinetz, my son cannot access content that can be harmful or misleading. Now instead of sitting by his side, when he is browsing the internet, I can freely do other work, without any tension.

Happinetz empowers me to keep my child safe on the internet. With Happinetz, I am no longer concerned about age-inappropriate content popping up on my kid’s screen while he is using the internet. It gives me peace of mind.

I am a happy Happinetz Parent. With Happinetz at my home, my concerns about age-inappropriate content or my son spending too much time on the internet are resolved. Using the Insights, now, I know his internet usage pattern and I am glad, there is nothing to be worried about. Also if the Insights show something not so right, I can make him understand and it makes life easy.

A small add-on to your home router solves all the problems. It restricts the content for kids and teens while not affecting adult WiFi. It’s like the whole family is connected to the same WiFi connection but the usage is different but sufficient for each one of them as per their age.

If you are concerned about your kid’s safety on the internet…

If you are always worried about unwanted content while your child is online…

If you feel your child spends loads of time on the Internet…

Happinetz is the answer for you. This device will help you overcome your concerns and will ensure that the internet is always a happy place for your kids.

It’s a perfect solution. I am amazed at how easy it is to install, use and manage. And the best part is my son doesn’t notice the change in internet services or usage. His internet usage is not hindered at all, he is even happier that his favourite online games have no ads and now he doesn’t need to waste time watching ads between two levels.

Safe internet and happy child. What more do you need? It’s time for you to be a happy Happinetz parent like me. You can buy from here.

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  1. Happinetz is such a revolutionary product for parents of the current age where using the internet is inevitable. Hence the way its features help to create a safe space for kids is really appreciable. Thank you for sharing about this valuable product.

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  3. Happinetz seems to be a very useful solution for making life easier for parents and safer for kids.Thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. There is so much which this little tech box has done for us. From blocking spam and malicious sites to help manage our screen time. So happy with Happinetz

  5. Happinetz have made life stress free and easy, I am so glad to have installed the Happinetz box to provide safe and secured internet to my child

  6. Connecting to Happinetz is so simple and easy. It provides complete protection to our kids. Now we don’t need to be worried about screen time and kids being exposed to content which is not age appropriate.

  7. Happinetz has definitely made our lives easy! We all parents of growing kids need it!

  8. It’s tough to keep kids away from online games and the ads that pop up are sometimes quite offensive. Happinetz has taken care of that and made life easy for us as parents.

  9. Happinetz seems like the perfect solution for keeping our kids safe on the internet. My son has recently discovered a few new games that he wants to try it out on his device. I feel so relieved to know that with Happinetz I can be worry free while letting my son play online games.

  10. It’s really a concern I think for every parent to manage kid’s time and I am so impressed with Happinetz features which allows us to set time slot for kids to browse the internet with safety.

  11. Happinetz is a truly groundbreaking solution for modern parents in today’s digital age, where internet use is unavoidable. The product’s remarkable features that establish a secure environment for children are highly commendable. I love using this for my kids!

  12. Online games are what every child likes to play and who will like the unnecessary ads and content that keep popping up disrupting the game. Happinetz is a great solution to keep the child away from irrelevant ads and content.

  13. Happinetz is super easy to connect and within no time kids are safe from the internet world. Be it online games or unwanted ads and sites, evrything is blocked and only safe content is streamed.

  14. Happinetz is an easy and convenient way to monitor your child’s internet usage.

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