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IPX – Internetwork Packet Exchange

IPX stands for Internetwork Packet Exchange . IPX is a networking protocol, that is initially used on networks using the Novell NetWare operating systems, but gradually it being used widely on networks deploying Microsoft Windows LANS, as they replaced NetWare LANS. Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) is the network layer protocol …

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UserIQ, A New Way To Customer Success

Every business is all about customers and owning a business is like working for customer satisfaction. In every business its mandatory to ensure that customers achieve their desired outcomes from your business. Your product or services must be satisfactory enough for the customer because the success of every business is …

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Know About – Master Data Management Process

The Master Data Management comprise a broad range of data cleaning, transformation, and integration practices. As data sources are added to the system, the master data management initiates processes to identify, collect, transform, and repair the data. After the quality threshold meets, schemes and taxonomies are created to help maintain …

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Why Geolocation Web-Hosting Matters, and How it Benefits SEO

What is Geolocation Web-Hosting? Cloud Computing has opened up unprecedented avenues of online collaboration from any time, anywhere on earth. In this world without borders, considerations of geolocation of your data center seem insignificant and even counter-intuitive. However, geolocation web-hosting is still very relevant to SEO and very important for …

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Tech Guide – 5 Cool Command Prompt tricks

Command prompt has always had its charm, especially to a core IT person. Running different command or writing batch files have been a cream work in IT till some certain time period. Now we have multiple tools available to get the work done. PowerShell has also been introduced with its …

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