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Stellar Data Recovery Tools – Never Loose Data

There was a meet by the Stellar regarding the data recovery tools. I thought what a mommy like me need to with this event. Still after much hesitation and with the thought of knowing about something new I headed for the event and to my utter it was an eye opening session.


I always convert moments into memories in form of photos and videos. My phone is my juke box with so many photos, videos and other important documents and data and my computer is a step ahead and contains pictures, important documents, official docs of my husband and much more. Before today, I was always skeptical about loosing my data and keep multiple copies of my important data and that make me compromise with data space.

But Today, After being a part of this bloggers meet, I got to know Recovery and repair of lost data is so easy. Stellar’s DIY software let you Recover or Repair your data in Just 3 steps.. SEARCH -> SELECT -> RECOVER/REPAIR.

In evolving world of data, its always difficult to keep the data safe. And lost data can cause multiple problems. So here is world’s most reliable software to recover lost and deleted data “Stellar Data Recovery”

Stellar Data Recovery


Stellar Data Recovery is a professional software to recover lost or deleted files, folders, documents, photos, email and much more. It helps in recovering data from hard drives SSD, fusion drives, SD card , USB drives and more. And also repairs corrupt files.

Stellar photo recovery


A single solution to get back all your lost and delirious photo video and audio files for a Mac or Windows devices. Supports recovery from storage media including hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, etc without losing the original quality. Stellar photo recovery helps you to recovert lost memories and in addition this software also repairs corrupt photos, raw images and videos. With this software you can restore your correct photos and videos seamlessly in just few clicks.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone


A complete iOS recovery software to retrieve lost and deleted data from iPhones and iPads. This easy and smart iPhone data recovery software, helps you to recover missing contacts, messages, calendar, photos, videos, call logs, app data, chat messages etv from iPhone, iPad, iTunes backups and iCloud backup. Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone retrieve lost deleted data from all iOS 12.x devices.

Stellar repair for videos


The software repair the corrupt videos. Isn’t powerful repair solution for videos that choppy, jerky, grainy due to compression, file format issues, virus attacks etc. Its an easy intuitive tool that repairs corrupt or damaged files from where is storage media seamlessly and make them ready for playback.

With Stellar optimum data recovery expertise, Stellar get back your important data from all internal and external storage media irrespective of the operating systems installed. Stellar, has helped companies and individuals globally to recover from critical data loss situation after all the instance of data loss. Stellar riskfree, secure and efficient data recovery services are now and industry benchmark.

Stellar also have data eraser tools that help you ensure that your data is completely erased from your device before your hand it over to someone else or destroyed it.

How to recover the lost file?

Data recovery and repair solutions by Stellar-

Data breach or data loss can trigger panic in our lives thus the importance of Data Solutions by Stellar cannot be denied. These DIY tools are of great use even for the mommies like us as much as its for the big corporate houses.

Problem: data has vanished from the storage device- data recovery

Run a diagnostic using “Stellar Data Recovery”,. It will display the list of the files that can be recovered. If the list has desired file, then you can go ahead to buy the full version. The DIY software is useful for:

• Hard drive data recovery

• Data recovery from Surveillance devices

• RAID server data recovery

• Server data recovery

Problem: data is inaccessible or showing corrupt file prompt for audio/ video/ picture format-
Stellar has the Photo Recovery and Video repair software, run this and check the preview. If you have those files in the preview, buy the full version and repair the file and store it in new location.

Problem: not able to delete any file permanently from any device-

When we sell our laptop or smartphone, by just formatting the disk or sending the data to thrash, any tool can recover the data and if the access top these data is done by an evil mind it could be a great disaster. Stella has Data erasure software that permanently erases the data selectively, or completely as per International Standard security protocols. This software should be used if you are buying an old device so that you are safe from any viruses or illegal data.

Problem: the storage device is not accessible

Take it to an expert service provider like Stellar even your local expert can permanently cause damage to the data. Stellar is ISO certified Data recovery center and will never open or copy or delete any of the files stored in your drive.

Problem: data recovery under heavy physical damage

Stellar is only accomplished to have a CLASS 100 Cleanroom in Gurgaon and then it can work on it. Thy can help you even if the case of heavy data damage.

After the enriching session with team Stellar I gained much knowledge about technology and also the process to recover data in case any lost data.

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  1. Gunjan Upadhyay

    In this era of data, this is something super important to be aware of. This is such a helpful post for all of us out there. WIll check Stellar data recovery as this looks easy and doable

  2. I remember one of my friend telling me that she lost some important data on her iphone. Will suggest her to check out stellar data recovery for iphone 🙂

  3. I keep losing data… I remember I had stored some important details and files online and one day they just got corrupted! This looks like a saviour!

  4. Very informative and must bookmark this post. Data is God today and we have to take care of it really really well. Stellar is doing a great job.

  5. Such an insightful event it was.

    Glad you shared with us and now we can store our date.
    Much needed.

  6. There is always some point or the other when we lose data whether it’s important information stored on drives or memorable photos. Thanks for sharing about this data recovery service.

  7. Being a blogger, even my biggest concern is the data I hold in my devices, thank you so much for sharing about this amazing service, I am bookmarking this right away!

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