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Its Time To Takeover Kitchen – #ShareTheLoad

An Initiative Giving Life A New Way,
#ShareTheLoad Is A Big Step I Must Say
Household Chores Are Not Only Women’s Task,
Can I Help You? Who Will Ask?

She Is On Toes 24×7,
She Is Your Life’s Maven,
Even She Deserve A Sunday,
Son’s Lets Convert Sunday to SON-Day.

Lend A Helping Hand,
Make Her Sit Instead Of Stand,
Give Her Rest That She Deserve,
Lets Keep One Day For Her Pampering Reserve.

Make Her Feel Loved,
And Show Her, You Are There To Join Hand,
Its A Matter Of Just One Day,
Show Her You Care And Make Her Feel Special In Every Possible Way.

Lets Take The Challenges To See Your Capabilities,
Trust Me You Will Be Shocked When You See Your Abilities.
Thanks Ariel And Blogadda For The Amazing Initiative,
Teaching Sharing The Load Cant Be More Creative.

Three weeks back, I was talking with my hubby about “Sunday Nahi “Sonday”” Initiative by ariel when my little love overheard us and show interest towards the same. And after that every sunday he asked about whats the activity for today and than suddenly, comes up with a new idea to perform the same.

He successfully helped me in doing laundry and folding the laundry, but today the task was helping in kitchen or washing utensils and the little one was in loads of doubt and was try to figure out something whole morning.

And than suddenly in Afternoon, he went to the bathroom, got the stool, put it in front of kitchen sink and climbed it..

Than He Shouted,

Mummy, look I can reach the sink, it means I can help you in Kitchen now. *His eyes were shining with happiness*

Than after thinking for about 10minutes, he said, mummy I can help you by cleaning my lunchbox and waterbottle and I happily smiled and said. Ofcourse you can my kiddo.

He started washing his water bottle first and even asked for the brush to clean it from inside. His efforts was precious and he gave his 100%

Than he moved on to his lunchboxes and that was indeed a task for him, as he carries two infact 3 boxes to school but he did that too and he cleaned them from the scratch, that include throwing left overs in trashcan, soaking, applying soap, and rinsing properly.

And with this, my son took over the task of washing utensils and helped me in cleaning my kitchen.

I am doing my best in teaching my son the best in every possible way and he is one amazing child who just love doing chores with mumma for mumma.

It feels great to see my son putting in all the efforts to #ShareTheLoad and letting me enjoy another SON-Day
‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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