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“Me, My Son, Laundry And Sunday Becomes SON-day”#ShareTheLoad – An Initiative By Ariel

Waking Up At 5 Is Mandatory,
No Matter She Slept Late Or Early,
24×7 She Is On Her Toes,
What Are Holidays, She Dont Know.

A Week Pass By For Her,
Without A Minute For Herself,
She Takecare Of Everyones Need,
And Never Even Consider The Words Me, My , Myself.

She Is Active Even In Pain,
She Is On Tips Without Asking For Gain,
She Is The One Every One Rely On,
She Keep On Working and Her Work Go On…..


She Is None Other Than,
Woman Of The Family,
She Is The Epitome Of Strength And Sacrifice,
You Call Her Wifey And Your Son Call Her Mommy.

Being the woman of the family is as difficult as being man of the family because the tasks at home are neverending, be it weekdays, weekends or holidays, Woman in the family is always active and nobody even noticed that she need rest.

Ariel (Leading Brand Of Laundry Detergents) noticed the woman being active 24×7 and launched a campaign #ShareTheLoad, to encourage gender equality, teaching little ones that no work is for a particular gender and making life of woman bit easy by teaching the man, importance of sharing the load.

I always want my son to learn everything in his initial years coz thats how we bring up little ones to be a apart of gennext. I always include values and morals more as they make him a better person. My little abode is free from gender bias, I always appreciate the choices my son make and never divide his choices on the basis of gender( My son is a hotwheels lover but hot wheels are always guest in his doll house and he cook meals for them using his kitchen set)

So, at our home sweet home, my hubby and little love decided to make sunday holiday for me, where my hubby volunteered to takecare of food, my son Nayan have some different plans.

Sunday was celebrated as Son-day at my place when my little kiddo decided to wash his clothes and reduce one task from mommy’s work and it was a all new scenario at my home.He went inside the room, get his dirty pair of tshirt and shorts and came running to us.

He- Mommy daddy look.

We- What?

He – look how dirty is my clothes

We- No, not that dirty

He – Phew, it’s stinky

Oh! We exclaimed

He- Let me think what I can do?


Let me wash it ( He ran inside and come out with a bucket with little water ). I really wanted to stop him thinking about the mess he could create but my hubby stopped me and said its your SON-day

My hubby handed him a stool to sit and placed a mat below his bucket to avoid mess.

My son happily went to the bathroom and bring Ariel liquid detergent and followed his dad’s instructions and washed his clothes.

Take ariel liquid in measuring cap.

Add ariel to water.Mix it well.Soak clothes in water.Let the clothes soak.Rub Rub Rub.Rinse.Squeeze out extra water.And it’s done.Ariel #SharetheloadMy son was very happy to do something for mommy, my hubby was happy seeing his son doing a task independently and ofcourse I was happy knowing that my son just did his bit to make sure his mommy can have her share of holiday. My 5 years little kiddo done his best and converted my Sunday into a happy “SON-Day”

Me, My Hubby and My Son are happily sharing the load, and taking a step towards the change the society needs and thats what the “Share The Load” initiative by “Ariel” is all about. Now household tasks are not just my responsibility at my home. So, here we took a step towards gender equality, Are you joining in too?

An Initiative Giving Life A New Way,
#ShareTheLoad Is A Big Step I Must Say,
Household Chores Are Not Only Women’s Task,
Can I Help You? Who Will Ask?

She Is On Toes 24×7,
She Is Your Life’s Maven,
Even She Deserve A Sunday,
Son’s Lets Convert Sunday to SON-Day.

Lend A Helping Hand,
Make Her Sit Instead Of Stand,
Give Her Rest That She Deserve,
Lets Keep One Day For Her Pampering Reserve.

Make Her Feel Loved,
And Show Her, You Are There To Join Hand,
Its A Matter Of Just One Day,
Show Her You Care And Make Her Feel Special In Every Possible Way.

Lets Take The Challenges To See Your Capabilities,
Trust Me You Will Be Shocked When You See Your Abilities.
Thanks Ariel And Blogadda For The Amazing Initiative,
Teaching Sharing The Load Cant Be More Creative.

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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  1. I can totally relate with each word. We never think about ourself and always busy to serve our family but when we get some appreciation and help from the male members of family it makes us happy. Nayan is looking so cute and I am really happy to see that you are raising your boy very well. Thanks to Ariel for this #Sharetheload initiative it was much needed.

  2. Noor Anand Chawla

    What a nice poem you began with- and I really like the fact that you have actually taught your son to help with the washing, as is evident in your pictures.

  3. Last Sunday, even my little son was bent upon washing his pencil pouch. I was like, yes! Kids should definitely get into this regime as well. We should ensure they become independent. Great initiative by Ariel. SHaring the load also means caring alot 🙂

  4. Now that’s the story of every house and every women. I’m so happy that you are inculcating #sharetheload culture in your son.

  5. Oh your kiddo is so cute. How sweet he is helping you out with the laudry. Impressed with #sharetheload by Ariel. 🙂

  6. He is so cute, loved the blog, I am just loving this amazing initiative by Ariel, making the kids learn about washing their clothes at such a young age is one of the amazing things that probably all the parents should consider.

  7. Awwww your son is such a sweetheart.. Loving this initiative by ariel to share the load.. It is so important to teach kids these valuable lessons in life.

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