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Keep Your Baby’s Skin Soft As Silk With The Right Baby Wash

The top priority of any mother is the health of her baby. Including preserving the softness and smoothness of their cuddly skin. I am no different and I want my baby son’s skin to be as radiant as a 1-month-old forever! But in order to do that, following a sound skincare regime since birth is of utmost importance.

Luckily, this has proven to be the easy part for me. I have been blessed with a wise mother and equally wiser mother-in-law who helped me come up with an effective and simple skincare routine for my precious prince.

However, season changes and skin conditions can make following this regime a bit tricky. In fact, in my opinion, some of the products I use on my baby have proven to be particularly harsh, leaving his skin dry most of the time. Not the result I was looking for.

My mom-in-law quickly recommended switching the baby care products I use. After switching them one at a time, I found out where the problem lied – it was in the baby wash I was using. After every wash, my baby’s skin felt dryer and so I knew I had to change it. Having tried almost all reputable brands to no avail, my only option left was trying Sebamed’s Baby Wash Extra Soft. I quickly purchased a bottle and tried it out. Hoping that this one would work!

Baby Sebamed Skin Care Body Wash – My Experience

What struck me most about the Baby Sebamed Wash Extra Soft was that this was the first baby wash with a pH level of 5.5. Most of the ones I had used on my son before were of a neutral pH level, and the slight acidity of this one made no sense to me. So I got to find out more about it and discovered that this pH level is actually ideal and just what my baby needed to have smooth skin again.

You see, the pH level of the skin is an indicator of its acidity or alkalinity. 7 and below pH levels are termed acidic, while 7 to 14 are termed alkaline (1). The pH level of healthy skin is slightly acidic 5.5. A newborn’s skin achieves this healthy level after a few months of age, when the skin’s acid mantle is well-developed (2). What I learnt was that using products with a pH any other than 5.5 can actually break the protective barrier of the skin, making it dry, lusterless and more prone to infections.

Baby soaps and washes, in general, have the highest alkalinity, with pH levels going up to 9 or 10. This can have a severe impact on the skin. I almost panicked reading that and vowed never to use such harsh products on my son again!

On the other hand, I was quite surprised to find that the Baby Sebamed Wash Extra Soft is extremely gentle. It has Allantoin which protects the baby’s skin layer just like vernix. It is really very mild and lathers up quite well even if I use a small quantity of it. The fragrance is also good and since it’s 100% soap-free, it causes no tears if it comes in contact with my baby’s eyes.

The Baby Sebamed Wash Extra Soft has greatly helped in restoring my baby’s skin’s moisture, making it smooth and soft as silk again. My only gripe with this baby wash is its price. At Rs. 456 starting for a 200ml bottle, it is expensive.

Nonetheless, the German brand’s dermatologically developed baby wash gets a badge of recommendation from me as I haven’t noticed a single instance of dryness on my son’s skin since I’ve been using it. Go ahead and try for yourself, mommies!

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  1. Sebamed products are really good..I use it for my son too…they keep the skin moisture locked and make the skin soft..best products for kids..

  2. When it comes to babies, there can be no compromise. The skin of babies is so sensitive that it should be protected from harmful chemicals. Sebamed with its natural ingredients seems really gentle on the babies’ sensitive skin.

  3. Sebamed has always been a trusted brand. I love using sebamed for my daughter too. they are harmless and do wonders to the skin.

  4. Sebamed is indeed a great brand for all ages. I will recommend this to my sister for her baby

  5. Good to know your mother in law gave you right advise. It makes such a difference when you have thoughtful and supportive in laws. Sebamed brand sounds really good and I will suggest it to my sister. She is 8 months pregnant and will start shopping for baby soon.

  6. Sebamed is definitely one of the most trusted brands by all mom for kids of all age groups starting from newborn babies I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about the gentle baby boy from Sebamed

  7. I have used few Sebamed products when my daughter was an infant. I really love the mild formula and efficacy of every products. They are really good for baby’s skin.

  8. Babies skin is so soft and we have to be so careful with them. Good to know about products suited to their soft skin.

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