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MG Motor’s Tech- focused SUV “Hector” to launch soon in India

On the 2nd April, 2019, we were privileged to witness the tech launch of MG Motor’s first SUV ‘Hector” in India. Morris Garages (MG) the world-renowned and globally acclaimed, iconic British automotive company, is to enter India in the second quarter of this year with a technology focused C- segment SUV, Hector.

Though I do not know much about cars and the technology but when you talk of MG Motors you know what level of precision and the advanced technology that is used in building each car. It is just not a car but it is a piece of great admiration. The meet was enriching and buzz about the soon to be launched model has been already created in the market. The meet was enriching and informing.

The car from this brand is just not a car but a dream and innovation the features that makes the car stand out from the crowd are many which were all very elaborately discussed in the meet. The science and the need of each feature were beautifully explained in the meet.

Here are my two cents about the meet and the iconic MG Motors.
➡️ iSmart technology is used in the car so this will increase your driving experience through various features of connectivity.
➡️The ismart System has been developed with the pioneers from the technology companies.
➡️MG Hector will be equipped with segment largest 10.4-inch vertically placed infotainment screen
➡️The iSmart Technology takes the ‘Connected Mobility’ to a different level

Thus the car from the MG Motors will become the first car in India to offer active connectivity. The iSmart Next-Gen technology is a mix of hardware, software, connectivity, applications and services to enhance the driving experience.

Discussing the car and the technology embedded in it we were explained as how would it function. The car comes with machine to machine embedded IPV6 SIM that is suitable and ready for 5G use. It has the in built maps and navigation, pre- loaded infotainment content, voice assistant, futuristic security feature and emergency services. This is done through a 10.4 inch Head unit that has been vertically placed infotainment screen. The iSmart technology helps the car to get the timely over the air updates. The technology has built in artificial intelligence and machine learning that helps in improving the user experience and making it all the more user friendly.

What make it easy to be used-
MG Motors also developed the iSmart mobile application through which the users can remotely control the sunroof, temperature, door lock, and tailgate. It also comes with ‘Find my Car’ feature. It is technology at another level.

Going with my understanding after the meet I could understand the minute details that have been considered and kept in mind while developing the car. The cars definitely will a biggest help for the ladies. This will help the female folk to use the car with much ease and thus will help them feel empowered, safe and secure. It also has a feature called E- call this gets activated when the air bags are deployed and it shoots a text message to the MG Motors Pulse Hub and then a call is made to the driver and other phone numbers registered with the Head unit so that speedy medical assistance can be provided. The car has considered the safety of the driver and this is a much needed feature.

So, everyone in India, who is looking to buy new car in 2019, i will suggest to wait and buy soon to be launched MG hector, and drive smart with the all new internet car and experience connected mobility.

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  1. I am pretty excited about the launch of MG Motor’s first SUV Hector. The features are so cool. And itself sounds like a beast! 😊

  2. I totally agree with you reading the blog post ,the kind of advance technology that goes behind building which party is totally commendable and worth appreciation

  3. Noor Anand Chawla

    The car looks so sleek and smart and also very high-tech. I will share your post with my husband. I am sure he would like to know about it.

  4. I love SUVs. This one looks quite sturdy and cool. Any idea what the price point for this car will be?

  5. Wow. I had no idea that there are cars with active connectivity. This will bring about a revolution in the Indian automobile industry

  6. The Hector looks like a futuristic car. The iSmart technology ensures so many cutting edge features which are sure to put the car way ahead of its competitors.

  7. I have seen their head office in Oxford, United Kingdom. The company has been famous for two seat car options in England. Good to know they have started operating in India as well.

  8. Th car is really amazing, it looks so sleek and high tech with all great features. It looks just perfect luxury car

  9. wow iSmart Next-Gen technology makes it one of the best luxury cars in India and I am regularly following your blog love how you Express things keep doin keep growing

  10. Safety features seems to be the highlight of the brand which is a must when considering any vehicle. Look forward to the launch

  11. This looks like a great event and the cars are just so mesmerizing! Loved reading this.

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