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Pandemic, Struggle, And A Girl Who Never Quitted

This corona has taught us so many things in many ways. Life is so unpredictable and you never know what comes next, no one is pre-prepared for anything but not everyone tries to take the situation as just another obstacle.

During this pandemic, I got to know what ‘People with golden hearts’ actually mean. In this lockdown when no one was stepping out of the house because of obvious reasons, firstly it was dangerous and secondly, it was instructed.

But if not us then who will help another human in need? A person, right?

When no one was courageous enough to step out of the home, few heroes came out and helped people in every possible way.
How can one forget about Sonu Sood and other team members with him who helped thousands of people reaching their homes, getting food (served personally by them), all the Gurudwaras that actually converted into the blessed place, schools area, hospitals, staff, Doctors, sweepers, policeman, watchman, and a girl I know. These are the people who make us believe that humanity still exists.

Selfless giving is the art of living.

And, a girl I know is serving everyone in need, selflessly, from last one and half year.

P.S. She want to be anonymous and I respect that.

There’s a girl who earns an average income, lives in local society with her mom and Dad (who was not keeping well and had multiple organ failures). She came out like a superwoman to help as many people as she could. She spent most of her income on Groceries, food drives, medicines, clothes, and blankets. Every day she and her mother used to cook and serve the food to the ones in need, they reached out to them personally, every day and made sure that they got a tasty and sufficient amount of food, and that too for free of cost. They take care of everyone’s medicines, groceries, food, and needs without even thinking twice. Her Daily routine included cutting and making three times the food for those hundreds of people, all alone.

An unfortunate tragedy happened and took her father away, but she still didn’t give up and served food on the same day too when her father passed. Nothing could stop her from serving humanity. She always believes that people are dying with hunger every day, the pandemic has just shown us the reality.

Till today, she do grocery, food, and clothes drives ( by taking/asking for old/pre-loved clothes and sometimes recycling them and sometimes just giving them as it is to the ones in need).

Not only her, everyone had their own ways of helping people. Where Gurudwaras opened medicines langar, schools were converted to the corona center, influencers/stars were taking their followers’ requests way too seriously and urging people to help them out and more than doctors or medical shop people were running out to them because they believed so much on the power of social media and NGOs who were running on the roads to get the information of the gas cylinders, medicines, food drives, Groceries and what not taking calls and updating people day and night. No matter if you are calling at 2-3 AM they still answered every call.

Some people and incidents happen in life like a blessing to show who has your back when you fall down. This is India, where people not just talk about humanity but prove it in the best way possible.

Now, Things are settling down, hoping for good days to arrive soon, when every thing will be in control. We stood together as one to fight the pandemic. A girl like her, who wants to stay anonymous and many other like her, spread positivity, hope and smile everywhere.

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  1. In times of trouble, there will always be a few angels who come out and help. May God bless all the people you have mentioned in your post, especially the young girl who worked so selflessly to help others.

  2. More power to all the unsung heroes of the pandemic, I feel they inspired and motivated us to fight. I pray for their bright future, thanks for showing its humanity which makes us humans different.

  3. Struggles of life never end. Hope everyone sees a beautiful sunshine after a dark night. Never lose hope !! Stay strong…

  4. These selfless acts are boosters which keep my faith in humanity alive in today’s cut throat world

  5. Undoubtedly, these kind people were no less than the blessings in despair. I wish people learn to imbibe these acts and lead to be a part of generous society.

  6. Yes doing things without the propaganda is very difficult. This girl must be a very special person.Because doing good work without expecting rewards or recognition is very difficult.

  7. Salute to the spirits of that girl and all unsung heroes who did their best to serve humanity. Hoping for a better day of sunshine .

  8. I can totally relate to the girl. The pandemic changed me in more ways than one. God bless this girl.

  9. The pandemic taught us all a lot of gratitude if not anything else. We need more people like her.

  10. This is really true that we have learned a lot. I can resonate a lot with this girl!!

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