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Five Reasons to Consider Sending Your Child to Boarding School

boarding school

The boarding school system has existed for centuries, however, it is still a popular topic for debate, thanks to the innumerable stereotypes attached to it. So, if you are confused about whether you should send your child to boarding school or not, here are some reasons to consider:

1) Holistic development:

Since boarding schools are not just a place where students come to study but actually live, these schools are responsible to motivate, engage and fuel students, while also acting as their guardians in the absence of their parents. So, apart from providing students with in-depth academic knowledge, most boarding schools also focus on children’s all-round development including communication skills, fitness, creativity, problem-solving, decision-making and overall intellectual abilities. Most boarding schools are located outside of city centres, where there is enough space for state-of-the-art facilities including art studios, swimming pools, well-equipped playgrounds, fitness rooms and other athletic and inventive offerings. This enables students to participate in extracurricular activities right on campus.

2) On-campus faculty:

Most boarding schools have smaller classes, which means more personalised attention for your child. Apart from this, teachers also live on campus, so they offer guidance outside of the classroom as well. Therefore, boarding schools can provide an immersive, intellectually-challenging environment for students where teachers are not only educators but also friends, mentors and life coaches.

3) Independent lifestyle:

Boarding schools encourage students to carry out everyday chores, manage academic assignments, control monetary spending and monitor eating habits on their own, without relying on a family member. This not only makes them independent but also helps them become more responsible, mature and mindful. In the short-term, this helps students transition smoothly to the university life that awaits them and in the long-term, has lasting impressions on their personality and transforms them into emotionally strong and confident individuals.

4) Student life:

A sociological and cultural melting pot, boarding schools typically admit students from all over the world. Some belong to different cultures, while others have diverse economic and social backgrounds. All students stay together and learn together, which not only increases every student’s knowledge of traditions and practices across geographies, but also improves their communication skills and tolerance, while widening their perspectives. These qualities are indispensable at universities and workplaces.

5) Building a network:

At boarding school, students actually live with their friends. They study, participate in various sports and learn extra-curricular activities along with their close friends right on the campus. This sharpens their communication skills, interpersonal skills, persuasion skills and conflict resolution. Apart from this, living with the same group of people for an extended period of time also allows students to establish a bond that transcends geographies, societies and cultures, leading to a strong support system.

Sending your child to boarding school is a difficult decision, one that requires a lot of thought and family discussions. If you are planning on visiting some schools before you decide, join The Red Pen, Linden Educational Services and Case as they partner with world-renowned boarding schools from UK, USA and Canada and delve into different boarding school options, their unique application process and a curriculum that would best-fit your goals!

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  1. Good dear thanks for sharing

  2. Yes, I agree 100% with your views.

    Thanks for explaining in detail.

  3. Though the benefits are many but still it’s a tough decision for parents to send thier kids to boarding school , keeping in mind the emotional attachment little ones have with thier parents.

  4. Boarding schools are really nice, they are home away from home and with such amenities parents can safely send their kids to boarding. It makes them independent. However I feel that it also makes them unemotional

  5. Boarding school makes the kid well disciplined and well mannered. They learn many things very soon.

  6. My father studied in boarding school and I would love for my son to get that opportunity as well. Good post.

  7. Boarding schools I am sure to have their good bad and ugly too . This was a good eye-opening post

  8. There are both pros and cons of everything. I do agree about child becoming independent and more confident though. I agree the facilities of some boarding schools are incredible.

  9. After kids reach a certain age, I too feel that kids should get the exposure to boarding schools . The best benefit is that they become independent which is must for them.

  10. Like with everything else there are pros and cons to sending your kid to boarding school and a decision is always dependent on individual choice and circumstances. But a boarding school does help in crafting and developing the personality of the kid.

  11. We would definitely consider sending our kids to boarding school for some years of their life. This is something that everyone should experience once in a lifetime.

  12. Though my views are different on boarding school, I can’t see my kids away from me. But your boogpost gave me new perspective.

  13. Hostel life definitely makes one mature, independent and confident. But l always wish to be at home when I’m in hostel

  14. I have been a boarder so I can vouch for your points recommending boarding school buddy yet it is an emotionally draining decision for the parents

  15. Deciding about a boarding school can be quite difficult for parents… Thank you for explaining everything so well… This will help so many parents take the right decision!

  16. I agree boarding school develops a lot of skills in a children and teach them a lot about how to lead the life.

  17. Well written yogita !! Sending kid to a boarding school is definitely a big decision but it really makes a kid more confident and enhance his personality… looking forward for more such posts

  18. Sometimes the kids are too clingy and to make them truly independent, boarding school is a great option. Good information here for parents considering this option for their kids

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