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Colgate Strong Teeth – Your Key To Flawless Dental Health

As a mother to a 6-year old boy, his health is my utmost priority. His diet is taken care of, his exercise, his vaccinations, his personal hygiene, I’ve always doted on every aspect of his health- or so I thought, until my recent visit to the Colgate dental camp.

The Colgate dental camp saw several parents across my city bringing in their kids for a free check-up. After my little one got his teeth checked up, the doctor informed me of a cavity that was beginning to form in one of his molars. Initially, this came as a shock to me, but it all started to fall in place soon- I had paid little attention to his dental health, he therefore had developed dental issues.The doctor also told me that I was not alone in this regard- so many parents are unaware of the dental health issues faced by their children, due to lack of awareness. A survey by Colgate has reported that every 1 in 4 kids in Delhi have cavities

The doctor then told us to take some precautionary measures, in order to prevent the cavity from worsening, and to take better care of my son’s dental health:

-Brushing twice a day in order to keep plaque cavities at bay.

-Flossing daily is as important as brushing.

-The gums and tongue are equally important, and could weigh down oral hygiene if not tended to.

-Proper nutrition through a healthy diet and regular dental check-ups are key to dental health and thereby, over- all health.

I was also given 5 Colgate dental cards to share with my friends and family, which entitles to a free dental check-up. Out of the 5 who got their kids checked-up, 3 of them learnt of their kids’ having cavities. This was truly disheartening. The state of dental health in our country is in a pretty bad shape.

After my visit to dental camp, I received a lovely hamper from Colgate. The hamper was packed with various calcium rich products such as museli, cheese, prune, almond, kiwi and so much more.


The hamper also came with the solution to my concerns related to dental health and oral care: the all new Colgate Strong Teeth!The all new Colgate Strong Teeth with Amino Shakti, gives 4x strengthening power which helps to add natural calcium to the teeth through remineralization process, and strengthens them from within.

Colgate also shared a video that demonstrates the working of the Colgate Strong Teeth, and how it fights cavities.This was an interesting and informative way to create more awareness about dental health.

I started off as a worried mother of a son with a cavity. Now, with the Colgate Strong Teeth and a diet enriched by calcium and protein, I have started on a journey towards strong and healthier teeth for my family. My sincere advice to all moms and dads out there is to start the journey with me, today!

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  1. Thanks Yogits for details information, I too will take care of my kid’s teeth with colgate

  2. Flossing is something we miss , so now will remember it for myself and my kids 🙂

  3. Dental Health is very essential and Colgate is trusted brand since years. If we begin early then it’s easy to continue to maintain good dental health. I have seen a lot of good initiatives by Colgate.

  4. Colgate is a trusted brand across India. And I really admire the new changes that they bring to their products. Oral hygiene of the nation is in the right hands.

  5. Colgate is a well trusted brand. I like the way it takes care of our oral hygiene.

  6. It was a pleasure to read about this dental camp organised by Colgate. I swear by their dental products.

  7. Good oral hygiene is very important for the entire family. This is a good initiative by Colgate to spread awareness.

  8. I absolutely love Colgate from a very young age. I now have a child who also loves the kids version of their toothpaste. The charcoal one is my absolute favourite x

  9. I had been seeing the way Colgate was trying to create awareness in kids and parents for the oral care and hygiene. Those stats were scary and that promoted immediate action from many!

  10. Colgate is a part of our family since as far as I can remember. It has been our unofficial dentist for so many years. Oral hygiene and dental care are so important and especially for kids. Nice to see Colgate organizing these dental camps.

  11. Colgate has been doing a great job in spreading awareness about oral hygiene. This is one of the best brands for oral care.

  12. I have been using Colagate since years ,I love how it protect my oral health.
    They are coming with great intiative for kids.

  13. That’s great initiative by Colgate to keep check on teeth Health by camps. Indeed Colgate is bae for my family too when it’s come for making stronger teeth

  14. The stats indeed are alarming and I am glad Colgate has come up with this worthy initiative

  15. Colgate is the brand to trust when it comes dental health. With these kind of dental camps, they are only increasing the trust of the customers.

  16. Oral health is really very important… I had bad teeth in my childhood… 🙁
    This is so good! Colgate is amazing! ❤️

  17. Well written yogita and pics are so beautiful. At my place also Colgate is the star product when it comes to oral case,itstheost trusted brand when it comes to oral hygiene.

  18. The cavity statistics is such an eye opener. Colgate has been always a trusted brand when it comes to dental health.

    • Colgate has been a best friend all these years for us and for our little ones too. When it comes to oral hygiene Colgate is the only brand we trust. This is such a great post. Happy that you shared it.

  19. Colgate is a trusted brand. We are using colgate in our families since many years to take good care of our teeth.

  20. Colgate has become a synonym for the word toothpaste in Indian households at least. They have been spreading awareness from a long time, and this is another great effort. I wish your little one a better health. 🙂

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