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Book Review : Ambuj – Guardians Of The Blue Lotus -3 By Anita Shirodkar

Book Review – Ambuj -Guardians Of The Blue Lotus-3

Author : Anita Shirodkar
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : AuthorsUpFront

Book Blurb – After the Great War of Sompur, Aryavir and Sitanshu are forced to go their separate ways – one back to Kamalkund and the other to Aryavartha. As the two struggle to embrace their new roles, the great Maharajadhiraj Ambujakshan’s past sins are revealed, casting ominous shadows on the events of the present.

Against all odds, Sitanshu must accomplish a seemingly impossible task set by the Maheshwari Masters. From an ancient secret cave deep inside Mount Mandeshwar to the mysterious Raven Monastery across the border of Ch’in, Sitanshu races against time to save an entire race of people from extinction. If the mother of all weapons – the Mahavidhvamsha Astra, is released, the Old World will be plunged back into Andhasaya – the darkest of ages.
Written with the classic Indian ethos, Ambuj, the third part of the Guardians of the Blue Lotus Trilogy, pays homage to India’s magnificent mythological heritage and takes the reader on a journey into the heart of human passions.

About the Book – This book is the third part of the series ‘Guardians of the Blue Lotus’. In this part the story proceeds from Aryavarta to Ch’in. This part of the story reveals the initial mistakes of the royal blood and their after effects in the third generation. This book is very well plotted and portrayed by the author. Author has cast-off her full imagination by illustrating the infinitesimal beauty of old era using her pen. The real hero of this part of the book is ‘Sitanshu’. The ‘Mahadhipatya Kalpa’ and its related discussion among the knowledgeable and ego clash with the king is really captivating.

The born of Xi’a and her revenging attitude gives satisfaction while reading. Opening of Girikandara by solving the puzzle is really great. The author has done truly a decent job in weaving the story and its association with different happenings. The pace of the story is optimal. No plot or dialogues are written in hastily and go well planned with the scenes. Ch’in and its culture is well defined and justified by the author. Since author is a lady, so she has given the story a happy ending, which is likewise good. Over all the story line is actually virtuous and keeps you in a momentum of eagerness of forthcoming occurrences.

My Critique – I liked the first two parts of the trilogy and this part was long awaited by me. In this part most of the focus had on the beginning part of the royal story and its outcomes reflected in their generations. This is a nice trilogy to read and really gives a thrill. It has everything for the reader. It has love, royalty, plot, negotiations, smartness, loyalty etc. The writer has tried to gather all sort of characters in the book. However the end of the trilogy is not as dramatic as I thought of. I expected more drama and consequences but still I liked the ending.

The writer has very good commands over the presentation of scenes and entangling it with spiritual terms, which shows her keen interest and command over these topics. I will positively make this trilogy a part of my library and recommend it others. I once again congratulate the author ‘Anita Shirodkar’ to complete such a nice work of fiction with diligently and meritoriously. However as a reader I expected more suspense and drama at the end, hence one or two chapters could be added to make it more dramatize the war and the story. But it’s my personal outlook. At the end I can happily ratify that I cherished this trilogy.

Rating : 4.5/5

Best Buy: AmazonPaperback at Rs.345/-

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  1. I haven’t read the first 2 editions, but reading this post has really made me interested in buying them. I will probably start with the 1st part and then come to this one. Thanks for this.

  2. Not sure about the first two parts but I have been seeing this one particularly a lot on bookstagram and it has piqued my interest much. Considering I love to read mythological fiction, this one can live up to my expectations. What else does book_gobbler want 😉

  3. This sounds like and interesting read. I definitely ienjoy mythological stories with strong characters and Mystery with an intelligent twist … I will check this out.

  4. This book sounds like an interesting read. I also expect more drama and suspense from a book, so I guess it could have been given a thought by the author.

  5. I feel sequels and prequels never match expectations of the original. Likewise in movies.. a remake or a sequel somehow lacks that drama or uniqueness.

  6. The premise of the book sounds pretty interesting, and your review definitely has piqued my interest. I will definitely check it out and pick it up for my upcoming flight journey.

  7. Wow the plot seems so interesting, I started visualising it in my mind. It’s very rare to find such good books with a mix of suspense and drama.

  8. This book sounds like a fantastic read particularly for those who enjoy reading books based on mythology.

  9. I just got the first edition to read from tomorrow and now your post makes me start reading it today so that i finish first two editions soon and get hands on this edition. Great review.

  10. The book sounds interesting. I have not read first two parts but heard about the book. Will check the series out.

  11. I love fiction, history, war…they are always a good read and interesting too…plus your critic is much intriguing for me to get a copy for myself

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