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Book Review : Nerd Kid – Alex By Simon Prathap D

Book Review : Nerd Kid – Alex

Author :Simon Prathap D
Genre : Horror Thriller
Publisher : Blogchatter

Book Blurb – Alex is a horror thriller for the fans of ghost possession. Alex gets a series of dreams that threatens to kill one of his family members. Bob and his friends help Alex while Gabriella, a kid with supernatural ability but limited knowledge brings more trouble to Alex. Does Alex’s horrible dream come true?

About the Book – This story is a horror thriller, it scary with ghost possession etc. Alex gets dreams that threaten to kill one of his family members. Bob and his friends are there to help Alex, while Gabriela, a kid with supernatural ability make it more difficult for Alex. I liked the way Simon portrayed each character in the book, be it Alex or Bob or Benjamin or Gabriela all the characters justify themselves very well. Visualizing the characters with clear description of them, was very easy and on point. The plot is horror and para normal and this adds lots of thrill to it with some great twists and turns.

My Critique – I loved the way Simon weaved the story with thrill and horror. I had goosebumps while reading this story but the best part of the book is even after the sense of fear the story keep me glued till the end. His way of writing is commendable. The flow of story keep you glued. The narration is very coherent and articulate. The book is a great read with amazing with a clean structure and gripping story flow. The plot twist with Edwin and Alex family got me. I love the end as it was filled with hope.

About the Author –
Simon Prathap is from Kanyakumari – the end of an Indian land, and lives in Chennai. As a corporate employee with a passion for writing he has been blogging for the past 1 year at penonsite.wordpress.com. While sharing life lessons with readers, he fell in love with writing horror stories.

Rating : 4.5/5

Dont miss to read this beautiful book, with lots of suspense, thrill and dose of darr aka horror. Download Here

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  1. Thank you so much for the amazing review 🤗 Loved it😍 Can’t wait to share it with my friends…😇Have a wonderful day…

  2. This s an amazing review..thankyou so much for referring this book in your blog…simon is really an versatile author..😎

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