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Tiktok Says #ShabashIndia

We entered 2020 with lots of plans, to-do bucket lists, and goals to achieve. But 2020 had different plans for us. With Covid 19 outbreak and lockdown our life is confined to our houses, we learned to live with bare necessities and the only goal of 2020 became to stay safe and alive.

Fighting Covid 19 isn’t easy, but one thing was certain, failing to fight covid will be hazardous. And that’s why, on 24th March 2020, we went under lockdown. Everything was restricted, but our zeal to defeat coronavirus was full-throttle. And that zeal, saved us from the physical confines of the lockdown.

Never knew life would take this U-turn but we Indians are headstrong. When the lockdown was announced, most of us thought it’d be tough but now after so many days of staying indoors, we can safely say our self-discipline has won. And an app helped bring in some creativity and productivity to our lives. I’m talking about TikTok

Tiktok is one of the most popular video sharing platforms to share one’s talent and discover the same. Tiktok launched a wonderful #ShabashIndia campaign, during the difficult times we all were passing through. This campaign essentially told ‘shabash’ to every Indian out there for all that they did so that we could safely stay at home. Tiktok came forward and applauded all of us for staying home and keeping India safe.

They made a beautiful video recognising the individual efforts all Indians are making to contribute to the society during these troublesome times.

Tiktok creators on the platform were doing their bit to keep us entertained (through home made creative content), be fit (with workout videos that can be done at home), well groomed (with videos that teach how to groom yourself at home) and stay healthy (with recipe videos from our favourite cuisines). This is how we Indians take the lead in uncertain times, standing together for each other, bringing smiles to each other’s faces in gloomy days.

With this beautiful video, Tiktok India celebrated India’s spirit to stay always united. TikTok videos were buzzing with quarantine content during the last few months. Indians took TikTok online content to the next level with their creativity. #ShabashIndia became very popular everywhere as TikTok celebrated, corona warriors and heroes at home, who faced every challenge with courage while spreading cheer and hope.

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  1. Yeah, I saw many videos on Tik Tok like these, it has been very beneficial. Great initiative in these times.

  2. I actually don’t use tiktok , but this message looks positive. Although there is a huge drop with tiktok users in 2020. Hearing such messages is overwhelming.

  3. Tik tok has played an important role in keeping up sane in pandemic times but unfortunately it will be no longer available.

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