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Let’s Play Digital – Online Gaming Platforms

Time has drastically changed, there was a time when people were more prone to outdoor games, if we talk about ourselves when we were kids we never had these digital games with us, we were completely into the outdoor games. But, the time has changed. Today, if we look at our kids and the generation of today, they are more into digital games and online gaming platforms rather than outdoor ones. We rarely see kids playing outside now but looking at a broader aspect, it has become a great source of entertainment for all of us today.

It is widely helping all of us to release out all the stress, especially in these tough times, digital games have been a great source of entertainment when there was no possibility of going out, which was in a way satisfactory for the parents also that our kids are somewhere engaged and are not agitated with the things going around.

Online Gaming
Let’s Play Digital

We come across a lot of sites offering hundreds of digital games coming up as a source of entertainment. They do offer games that suit all age groups to enlighten all of their moods. I have tested a lot many sites to find online games for myself and my son.

Why I Love Online Gaming Platforms :

  • Super easy and amazingly fun games.
  • No paid upgrades.
  • Many different games available at one place.
  • Gaming is fun but not addictive.
  • No need to download games, hence saves memory on respective devices.
  • No need to signup or register.

Recently, while surfing through the net I came across this super amazing online gaming platform offering digital games, they are offering hundreds of games. I personally visited this platform to look for games for my little one, and of surprise, I found like so many categories listed.they are a site offering free and fun online games which can quickly be played from the browser. The thinking behind this site was since so many people are stuck at home during rolling lockdowns to bring joy to people’s lives.

Since, its launch earlier this year. they have published hundreds of games on the platform. They are making at least a few additional games live, every day, and you can find new listings by clicking, on the free games menu.

My personal favourite game is Endless Siege and my son loves Break The Worm

In latest years, many gaming corporations have long passed public with valuations in the 10s of billions of greenbacks such as Roblox, Unity, and Applovin. The objective of online gaming platform is to make multiple games easily accessible at one place.

Plays.org is one of my favourite gaming website. Some of the amazing games that they offer for entertainment include King Rugni, Endless Siege, Break the Worm, Rogue One Boots on the Ground, etc. And to make things easily accessible, they have categorized the games into different categories like Arcade Classics, Awe Shoot, Cartoon Games, Education, Solitare, Sports Games, Retro Pixels, Pinball, BaseDefence. The perfect categorization make searching your favourite game and access to the all the games easy.

Online gaming

Not only this site but there are also a lot of different websites that offer these digital games and are doing a great job in the field of technology and giving it great growth. The world has grown at a faster pace when we talk about technology, and especially these gaming websites have shown incredible growth in the market for all of us know that in this time of pandemic we have stayed at home, and these digital games have served as a comforting zone for all of us.

Online gaming platforms are a great way to keep yourself entertained during these tough time. I enjoy playing games online, it gives us, alot of fun time indoors with wide range of games. If you are bored indoors, checkout online gaming platform and spent some fun time playing some amazing games.

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  1. I am not very much in favor of video games but during last year, when outdoors were completely restricted, online games have come for rescue. If kids engage in online gaming keeping a timer then it is okay. But it won’t take long for them to get addicted to it, so as parents. it is our responsibility to keep a watch on this aspect.

  2. Online games are fine as long as kids do not get addicted to them. So it is up to the parents to ensure the usage is moderate. This seems to be a great resource for engaging and innovative games.

  3. I had visited play.org few times ago and really loved the versatile collection of online games. though I am strict against increase screen time for kids but during lockdown, once in a while, we all need some good online gaming options to keep kids engaged.

  4. True that in the pandemic we all got used to digital games, but I am a bit concerned that my kids are getting too used to them. Within time limits is okay but other than that, it could be damaging.

    • I am not a big fan of online games it eats up most of our time as people do get addicted to them. But yes my kids do play as during lockdown they didn’t know how to engage the self throughout. Must say these are some good suggestion.

  5. Now I am jealous of you as i don’t get time to play online games. while hitting the bed at night I try to play on my Ipad but trust me within seconds my eyes close down in tiredness and Even i dont know when it slips from my hand to bed

  6. Even I am so fond of Play.org specially because of the games they offer for kids. The games are so interative and enjoyable.

  7. Yes I know about Let’s Play Digital – Online Gaming Platforms. I really love online game and I am enjoying. And keep take caring eyes… And don’t long times. Only few minutes games.

  8. I am a huge fan of online gaming and I spend an hour daily on gaming. I am surely going to check these platforms.

  9. I’m not much of an online gaming person, long back just had a craze for a subway surfer and fruit ninja. But when kids started growing, I made it a point not to encourage them to reduce screentime and addiction. But then lockdown happened and online games sure came as a rescue to keep them busy for a while. But I’m strict with screen time and don’t encourage much, but yes have checked these platforms just to stay updated.

  10. Digital games can also be a great way of learning for today’s generation. Implementing screen time for my daughters ensures that they pick those games where they enjoy and learn from.

  11. Urvi Kunal Savla

    Such a great and unique platform. I ve never heard about this before. Thanks for letting us know. Gaming platform is so cool👍

  12. I never knew so much about gaming world and this looks amazing. The list provided here helps in understanding the different types of games.

  13. There are so many online gaming platforms, I am not so fond of online games and but the list you shared seems really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I am not much of a game person but my little girls love some police chase game online. They love it so much, I sometimes fail to understand the game itself.

  15. I am not a much player of online games unless it’s a number or word game. But patience level doesn’t allow me to sit and play for long. But my kids have some great fondness for games and they play some really good games online. This lockdown people even enjoyed boardgames like ludo n snakes n ladders online. How things are changing.

  16. I am not a game person but yes my daughter love I am sure I am going to check this out for my daughter..

  17. I’m not much into games and restrict my kids’ screen time too. My husband loves them though and I would surely suggest this to him.

  18. Thanks to this article, I have visited this large collection of online games. I am sure all the kids and parents will enjoy the engaging and interesting games online.

    • I am not much fond of online games, but sometimes I do play township which is like farmvilla. But the list you have shared is looking interesting, next time when I will be in mood of playing games I will surely check all these. Thanks for sharing

  19. online gaming platforms are a great way to keep us entertained and engaged during these difficult times when we are stuck at home.

  20. I love plays.org, simply because it offers free and fun online games which can quickly be played from any browser. I used to love playing games on consoles in my days and it seems like this site aims to pay homage to that era.

  21. Online gaming has recently gained a lot of popularity with majority of the population staying indoors and seeking entertainment options. They keep you engaged and cheerful.

  22. Online gaming has become more popular these days specially after the pandemic hit. Plays.org is a very nice option for online gaming and I live how versatile the platform is ..

  23. I find it little heard to play game online bt recently we started with Ludo as my daughter wanted to play with her friends as they are not able to meet. So agree its a great way to have fun online,

  24. I too love playing games online. They are easy and mostly they don’t need an upgrade etc. Thanks for your recommendation I will check the one you have recommended too.

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