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Laugh Out Loud With These Comedy Shows

In all times, what’s one thing that always made you smile?
Talking with loved ones, sharing all our childhood memories or recalling some best moments, cooking, following their passions and watching shows like The Kapil Sharma Show, Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashma, comedy movies, web shows, stand up comedies etc etc are few of those things that we really enjoyed.

These shows made our life a little more lighter and easier. It was like a ritual to watch such shows while doing any random activity. And I loved how my complete family sat together and laughed together.

These are few of those things that make tough days easy and even made times at lockdown simpler because it has shown how beautiful a life can be when we are with family.

Talking about the shows/series that I binged watched and absolutely loved are :-

  • The Kapil Sharma show
  • Taarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah
  • Stand up comedies
  • Backbenchers
  • Social Media star

I love how amazingly this person lightens up the whole vibe, the whole vibe of this show is great. Especially the part when celebrities and normal audiences meet together. A platform where meeting and laughing, playing, dancing with your favourite celebrity is possible. All the characters show so much enthusiasm and love that one cannot resist themselves from laughing their heart out and it is like a blessing for so many people who were suffering from any mental problems. This show is going viral internationally and making us proud.

One of the most loved by children, teenagers, adults and old age people. This show shows the importance of moral values, relations and how one can tackle the situation in the best possible way. This show also teaches everyone something in a way or another and takes on some serious issues and topics that no one actually talks about or thought about. Justifies their Title name completely and hence this is an all time favourite show for many people out there.

When you want to see something quick and fun, this should be your go to option. It lightens up our mood very quickly, the topics, thoughts and their way to express it is always different. And their way of speaking is enough to make someone laugh. I just randomly play any show on YouTube and chill with my family.

Again, a quick, random comedy show hosted by farah khan like the kapil sharma show. Since we have limited episodes of TKSS, I switched to this one. They both have almost similar kinds of fun and concepts. In this, celebrities come, play some games, answer some questions and share their secrets, which is obviously fun to watch. Though this sounds similar to kapil Sharma show but is equally fun watching, won’t be comparing but giving an alternative when you don’t have any new show left.

A show where a social media comedian/artist meets a celebrity and with the host Jenica plays some random fun games with alexa and answers some most viral questions about them. I loved the concept where they invited an actor with an Influencer or social media comedian. Some of the shows are very entertaining and usually lasts upto 30 minutes so one can easily watch while taking any short break from work or eating or relaxing.

These are a few of my recommendations that I would definitely suggest one to watch while looking for something entertaining that you can surely watch with your family. For long shows and if you have time, then I would suggest watching the first two shows and if you want a quick relaxing session then go for the last three.

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  1. My family is a very loyal audience of Kapila Sharma show and TMKOC show. Undoubtedly in the face- paced life these light comedy shows are the real stress busters. I have never heard about Backbenchers and Social Media Star, will surely check these out too.

  2. I loved the Kapil Sharma show and Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chasma. Need to check the other shows too.

  3. I have watched some episodes of Kapil sharma show, it’s good fun.

  4. I wasn’t aware of Social Media Star and Backbenchers. Thanks, will check these out

  5. I keep watching short videos of Kapil’s show on FB. It’s refreshing. Will watch Social Media star, that show seems good.

  6. I need to check the Social Media Star. I have watched rest of the shows you have mentioned.

  7. i haven’t watched backbenchers so will certainly watch it. Thanks for recommending it.

  8. This is surely a great list. You can also look for some old series available nowadays on the web.

  9. I’ve seen some of these. I love the stand up comedian Kenny Sebastian.

  10. Now day’s it’s tought to find good stand-up comedian. Kenny, Zakir bhai are two of my favs.

  11. Good list of shows! I do watch some of these and I am glad there are comedy shows other than the daily drama soaps.

  12. I have watched a few stand-up comedies by famous comedians but apart from that, I haven’t watched any of the other shows. I shall check them out.

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