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Music and Its Basic Elements

Music is a form of art. It is language of emotion and helps in expressing feelings without any limitations or boundaries. Music have a power to imitate emotions. Most music includes people singing with their voices or playing musical instruments, such as the piano, guitar, drums or violin.

Music is an art that is concerned with combination of vocal or instrumental sounds that brings beauty in form or any emotional expression. Music is usually according to standards of rhythm, melody, and harmony according to the culture that music belong to. Simple folk song or the complex electronic composition both, belong to the same activity, music.

Sound, melody, harmony, rhythm, structure and expressions are basic elements of music. Sound is further divided into overtone, timbre, pitch, amplitude and duration. While composing a good music all these elements plays important role.

Basic Music Elements

1. Sound : Sound is the main base of every music piece created. Its further divided into :

  • Overtone – This is the fundamental of music. Its a pitch that give each note, its unique sound.
  • Timbre – This is basically, how we further classify the overtone. Timbre or tone color is described by metaphors or adjectives like warm , light, heavy, dark etc.
  • Pitch – It indicates the frequency of note vibration. A correct pitch is very important for good composition.
  • Amplitude – Softness or loudness of music is called amplitude. Amplitude plays an important role in expression.
  • Duration – The length is also a part of its basic framework. It is very important, it make composition perfect.

2. Melody – Its the way how pitches are organized in phrase to create the musical piece. Melodys are a bunch of musical notes that are placed in succession.

3. Harmony – This is a vertical combination of notes that forms chords. The notes are places simultaneously and vertically to keep the harmony on point.

4. Rhythm – Music is always time bound. Rhythm is a way to make sure that it is on meter and organized properly in time.

5. Texture – The density of notes play an important role. There thickness or thinness, describes, how well they perform together in one piece. There are 3 main type of textures

  • Monophony – Its all about Solo voice. This is the basic single layer sound.
  • Homophony – This is all about having a company, one voice and a band or singer with an instrument like guitar
  • Polyphony – When there are two or more voices like core singer and chorus.

6. Structure – Structing is very important. It decides the movement of the piece and sections its divided into like verse and refrain.

7. Expression – It depends on three simple factors, dynamics, tempo and atriculation. All these together decides, the volume, beats per minute and manner in which the piece is played.

All the seven basic elements, together, create a perfect musical piece.

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  1. Music is something really give me peace and it’s a big stress buster…This is really informative for all music lovers

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    Music always gives me a lot of relaxation. Whatever the mood is, music is a must in my life. Love your detailed description of the good music. Really appreciate your work.

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  9. Ravi Kumar Sardana

    Such a lovely article !! Trust me
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