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Review : A Zindagi Original – Churails On ZEE5

Source: An OTT Platform ZEE5

Movie Name : Churails
Director: Asim Abbasi
Cast: Sarwat Gilani, Yasra Rizvi, Nimra Bucha, Mehar Bano
Streaming on: ZEE5

Churails, is a Karachi based web series. It have ten episodes that are woven perfectly to make an amazing show. The show is about a Karachi-based group of women, who have just one motto, and it is to take revenge from men who have made their lives miserable. Directed by Asim Abbasi, Churails is all about feisty, feminist, fast-paced fun. ‘Mard ko dard hoga’ isntye tagline of the show and this is what they promise.

Concept: Churails is a ZEE5 Exclusive Zindagi Original series starring Sarwat Gillani, Mehar Bano, Nirma Bucha, and Yasra Rizvi. Set in Karachi, the series revolves around four young women who form a secret detective agency under the guise of a fashion store named ‘Halal Designs’ with the purpose of finding and exposing unfaithful husbands amongst Karachi’s elite.

Script: The show is all about 4 women, Sara (Sarwat Gilani), Jugnu (Yasra Rizvi), Batool (Nimra Bucha) and Zubaida (Mehar Bano). All four of them belong to a different societies, they live a different life throughout but there is one thing in common, they all are let down by the patriarchy and pre-defined norms of society. Circumstances bring them together and than a boutique named Halal Designs is born. The store is a way to camouflage the spy agency, run by these four women, to help other women in pinning down their cheating husbands.

The scripts shows glimpse of their lives, how they come together, the making of Halal Designs and how their life proceeds after that. The story have many ups and downs from the characters life that keep you glued throughout.

Churails – A Zindagi Original On ZEE5

Screenplay: Churails is created sets if Karachi and shows the spark and shine of high society of Karachi. The series have some amazing songs with beautiful lyrics. All soundtracks add a new oomph to the narrative. Mo Azmi’s cinematography is par excellence. The beautiful play of different colors and contrasts take the entire series a whole new dimension. The story goes well with #MainChurailHoon. Waitching it is a treat.

My Critique: Churails is a story of bunch of fiesty women who themselves take a responsibility to teach abusive men. They are unapologetic towards their attitude and that’s why Churails is an unapologetic and unbashed tale. The story give the patriarchal society a very strong message, that they will not forget.

I love the way this show presents the issues related to patriarchy and shows how women uproot the system of patriarchy. The show is all about challenging patriarchy and misogyny.

It’s very beautifully conceptualized show, and its executed perfectly. The way story is executed, it will keep you glued throughout. The performance by entire cast is terrific.
Don’t miss to watch Churails on ZEE5, it’s a well-written and perfectly executed show.

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  1. Honestly speaking I am hooked to this show! What a mind blowing plot!

  2. I myself liked this show. The performances , the storyline and the direction is top notch.

  3. This really look like a great show to watch this coming weekend. I really liked the plot and the storyline!!

  4. Zee5 has the best to watch and ty for sharing this review definitely will be checking out for this weekend…

  5. Surely looks like an interesting TV series on Zee5 for this weekend watch with my gang of girls.

  6. This is a great series across the border, hopefully I will start it next week. Thank you for sharing the review.

  7. Have been reading rave reviews of Churail. Hope to see it soon. The plot sounds really interesting, especially as it is women-oriented.

  8. This sounds like a unique story and it has me intrigued. zee5 content is all about surprises. I am sure catching up on this one

  9. This show is quite savage and the actors are doing an awesome job to glue us to the seats. I have watched a few episodes and can’t wait for more seasons.

  10. Wow this show is definitely winning a million hearts. I will surely watch this revenge thriller on Zee5.

  11. Churails seems to be an interesting series. With a women centric plot the series seems really different from the ordinary. Great thoughts.

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