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Book Review – Jo Lade Deen Ke Het By Surender Mohan Pathak

Book Review – Jo Lade Deen Ke Het (जो लरे दीन के हेत)

Author : Surender Mohan Pathak
Genre : Mystery
Publisher : HarperHindi

Book Blurb – Two big suitcases have been lying around at Sanjeev Chawlas place in New Delhi. They belong to Sanjeevs friend Khanna, who was brutally murdered inside his own house over a year ago. The suitcases connect two criminals, Garewal and Kaul to Sardar Singh Sohal aka Vimal, albeit at daggers drawn. Meanwhile, Vimal has found another nemesis in Mumbai, druglord Michael Huan, who wants to control the drug peddling business in the city. With half of the Mumbai underworld conspiring against Vimal, he now has to put up the toughest fight ever.

About the Book – This is a Hindi novel by S. M. Pathak. This is an extension novel of his very famous ‘Vimal series’. The book takes you to the world of mafia, murder, suspense and a lot more. Those who like the dark side of metro life, this novel is specially for them. ‘Vimal’ who is kind of Robinhood in this novel is the key villain as well as hero. This is the beauty of the story and author has justified it quite well. The story starts with two suitcases kept with a couple for more than one and half years. When the couple open the suitcases they find a good 64 lakh rupees filled in. The owner of those bags was killed. And interestingly those got stolen on the very next day they open them. Story moves very well and keep switching back and forth with demand. How a revenge turn to lust and then murder, peoples local communication, all are really well captured. There is drama and lot more drama. Story keeps you binding from beginning till end.

My Critique – Mr. Pathak is a champion of his genre. He knows well what a specific user’s group want and he delivers that with full decor of his writing. Story is well weaves around the families and not let you bored. The moment one incident happens, author starts to cook others and reader enjoys it throughout the book. He is indeed a king of his genre. This book contains mystery, murder, looting, mafia and many more in itself. If you are a Hindi novel lover and like to read such suspense stories then this is indeed for you. I personally loved this book.

Rating : 4.5/5

Best Buy: Amazon – Paperback at Rs.135 + Rs.75 shipping charges

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  1. I’ve read Mr. Pathak very sporadically, none of his novels yet. Hope to read some of them and love his sense of humour. Thanks for the review.

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