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Time To Twist The Tale

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Neha was suspicious that it’s Anu but not sure. So, Neha remained silent when Nikhil questioned her. So many unanswered questions make the situation very uncomfortable. Neha just leave to other room to bring back a little comfort.

After, around 1 hour, Nikhil go near herand said The book isn’t ruling us, we are ruiling it but because of the fears we have the book and anything around is against us. Now this is the that we script the book and give it the twist we want an end it.

Neha was surprised to see the change in his behaviour and asked…
What should we do?
I don’t know, but we need to do something against the flow.
As in?
Like you entering the attic and rearrange it like it was earlier.
Yes!!! You we theone who is going through everything, only you can fix this.
I can’t do anything. I don’t want to enter attic again. There is someone inside the attic.
Neha, Listen! You need to do this. Please overcome your fear, because if you will be afraid, all this will never end. You are the only one who can end all this.
Nikhil, I can’t . I am sorry. Please think of something else.
Neha, I know you can. Please try and understand.

Nikhil Please, Neha started sobbing.
Neha stop crying. And listen to me. You want all this to end, right?
Everything is happening with you for a reason. Think about it. There must be something hidden in all this. Your fear has taken over you. If you don’t undo all this, this will remain with us forever and we can never live in peace.

Neha, we want to Twist the tale and only you can do this. And this is the time to twist the tale. Are you ready?


Neha nod her head and said Yes.


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