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Xenium Of Testament

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Nikhil was skeptical of What Neha want to do, but he decided to not discuss anything and let her do whatever she wants.

And they are in attic again But this time everything is just fine, they way it was suppose to be. Neha quickly cleaned a little and manage to find some place to sit. She put the book on table and opened it.

Nikhil noticed the book story also moved on with their life scenario. He really want to read it but couldn’t. Neha was looking here and there in search of Anu, the unknown girl in the attic but there is no sign of her.

Neha opened the empty page in the book and than says,
Anu, I don’t know why but I feel it’s you. I am so sorry that I left you alone that day. I always wanted to talk with you but couldn’t . In just a matter of few seconds, I lost you completely. Forgive me, let me know your presence, I know you are here for some reason.And the pages of the book crumbles. Neha and Nikhil are just staring the book. And some words aappeas on the page…

It wasn’t easy, I never wanna die.
But I couldn’t live,
Every one says its suicide,
But I am Killed,
She choked me to death,
Coz I don’t want to leave,
Just because she was getting hold of property,
She changed my life’s destiny

Neha was shocked, she couldn’t understand anything. And her phone beeps.. It’s a message from Raju Bhaiya with Anu’s parents contact.

She immediately call them.

Anu’s Mom – Hello
Neha – Hello Aunty, Its me Neha…

And there was a silence for few seconds followed by cries from both end.

Neha- Why didn’t you told us Aunty.. You don’t know, how difficult it was to trace you.
Anu’s Mom – I was so lost, loosing Anu was like a trauma, it took us time to come out of it.
Neha – But why did you shift to New York.
Anu’s Mom – Coz we sold the property to Reena. We had an verbal agreement, but Anu denied to leave, so had to cancel it. But Reena get very angry and than Anu left us. So, we sold the property and shifted.

Neha tried hard to recall Reena than asked, You mean Reena Aunty?

Anu’s Mom – Yes.

Neha was in a state of shock. O.K. Aunty, stay connected, I will call you again and will come to meet you soon. If you need anything, let me know, I am here for you.

Anu’s Mom- O.K. Neha, I am so happy you called. Bye beta, take care.

Neha looked at Nikhil and said, Reena Aunty Killed her.
Nikhil – But how we can prove this?
And suddenly book pages crumble again with some new words, I know I can trust you, only you.

And suddenly a gift box fall in front of them. The box proof of how Reena Aunty traumatized her mentally with messages, calls and when nothing worked killed her.

And Neha Said, Anu wants Justice


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