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You Are Back, Finally

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And suddenly, there are loud beeps from the life support system, there is turmoil in the hospital. Doctors and nurses rushed to the I.C.U. and there was a panic in the waiting area as well.

Every one was so tensed,and after an hour of chaos and lots of hustle bustle, doctor come out and said, She is fine now and there was a sense of relief all over. Nikhil rushed to the I.C.U. to have a glance of Neha.

Neha, was in coma since last 3 weeks. With the shock of her best friends death and a regret of not being in touch with her, shook Neha so deep that she couldn’t wake up and everyone rushed her to hospital and with her bad condition, doctors put her on lifesupport.

Neha opens her eyes slightly, look at Nikhil and said, Anu want justice. She was killed…

Nikhil – What? What are you saying?

Neha looked around, where are we?

Nikhil, we are in Hospital from last 3 weeks. After news of Anu’s suicide, you got unconscious and you wake up today.

Neha was shocked and suddenly got unconscious again.

Nikhil paniced and shouted doctor, doctor rushed to room, checked her and said she under the effect of sedatives.

Don’t worry, she will wake up by tomorrow morning.

Nikhil sit on a stool by her side and started thinking about whatever she said about Anu. Neha’s first words after she woke up is about Anu, but why? Anu was killed? Anu want justice? Why Neha said these words? And why she was so shocked when I told her that she is in hospital? Neha never acted this weird. I want to ask Neha about all this, but, she is sleeping.

No worries, I will ask her when she is awake. She took complete three weeks to come back to senses. Thinking of past three weeks gives me chills. That night we received a call from Anu’s driver and he told Neha, that she committed suicide. And all of a sudden, she went unconscious and her last words at that time was “Its my fault”. It took entire three weeks, and doctor’s constant efforts that bring her back.

Neha, your one sentence, brings lots of questions to my mind but everything can wait. I am happy that you finally wake up from her long sleep. Now I am happy because You Are Back.


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