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Zoomed Towards Justice.

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*Next Morning*
Neha wake up and there is hurry in her eyes, like she quickly want to say something, like she quickly want to go out, like she is quickly looking for some answers. And same is with Nikhil, even he want Neha to speak quickly and clear his doubts.

But this isnt that easy. Neha isn’t completely fine now. Nikhil can sense helplessness in her eyes, he can see how badly she want to communicate something and how desperate she is to get out of the hospital bed.

She is still on medication and under observation. Nikhil asked doctor about her condition, and he said, she is recovering but she will take time. Hearing this broke Neha, and a tear rolled down her eyes.

She couldn’t sleep that night and finally decided to get out of the bed for Anu. She called Nikhil and said, take me out, Anu need justice. If I don’t do anything now, I will never be able to do anything. Nikhil sit next to her and asked, what happened Neha, please tell me.

Neha – Nikhil you said I am here from last three weeks but last fewdays, I lived an entirely different life in some parallel world. Everything was so different there.

It all started with that book we received few days back as a gift from Anu, Remember?

Nikhil- Yes, but what about the book.

Neha- I was reading the book and whatever I read in book become reality or you can say whatever happens, someone pen the same in the book.

Nikhil is confused.

Neha continued, I saw our attic decorated as a perfect room. And now I can say that’s Anu’s room. Nikhil I saw her. She said, she can trust only She told me, she didn’t committed suicide, She is killed.

Nikhil – WHAT!!!

Neha, everything you are saying is just bad dream. Anu, had committed suicide.

No, is not suicide, I can prove this.


Take me to Anu’s house.

But, uncle aunty sold the house to

Reena Aunty?

How do you know this? The deal happened five days back, when you were unconscious.

Anu, told me. Please take me to her house, to her room.

Nikhil called Anu’s parents and they left for her house. When they entered the house, they can feel I strange silence and suddenly Ruby come and say, we had the deal, I paid you already. Why are you here now?

Neha replied because some questions are yet to be answered.

Reena, looked at her with suspicion.

Can I go to Anu’s room?, Neha asked.

Ok, Reena permitted

Neha ask Nikhil to open a secret locker in the corner of wall and they find a gift box in there.

Everyone was surprised. They find Anu’s phone, few pictures and letters from Reena blackmailing her to move out. Her phone was full of hate messages from Ruby. And a hard drive, that was storage for her room’s secret camera.

They took every proof to Police to prove Reena was guilty. And when they connected the drive to laptop, they saw Reena, straggling her and than hanging her on fan with someones help.

Everyone was shocked and than Ruby confessed everything and get punished for her offense.

Anu got justice and Neha was happy to help her one last time. Anu’s parents shift back to there house as the deal got cancelled.

Neha and Nikhil return to their home. Neha quickly searched for the book, Anu gifted her and when she opened it, it has all the memories of Neha and Anu, and everything that they did together. The book was written n crafted by Anu for her best friend and it became her last memories for Neha.

Neha, decided to design the attic according to her dreams and brings out a beautiful room out of an attic, using all waste products. Its was her way to remember Anu forever.

Neha and Nikhil, lived happily ever after….

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