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Vision or Reality

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Neha gathered all the photographs and came out of attic. She was looking at the pictures continuously and tears are rolling down her eyes. Now her fear took a new turn. She is afraid about Anu. She really want to know where she is. She was desperate to she her all right and meet her.

Nikhil can you help me find where is Anu? I want to meet her. This is insane, how can I leave her like this?
Yup, we can try calling her or dropping her a mail.
I already tried that, all the numbers are out of service and even the mails to her email bounces.
Is it? This is strange, Anu have that email from like forever, she cant close it.
I know but I tried.
Let me call our common friends. Don’t worry we will find her.
Hmmmm.. O.K.

Neha was lost in her whirling thoughts. And the only question troubling her right now is, Whatever she saw is real or she is hallucinating. She was concered as she doesn’t know, its her vision or reality. She is really worried about Anu and she cant get over the pale while face in the Attic.

Nikhil was trying to connect with Anu but no one knew anything about her. Nikhil broke Neha’s thought chain and said. I tried everyone but no one know about her. If you are so worried, we can call driver and leave for airpot to fly and meet her.
Driver, Neha’s Eyes Brightened
Raju Bhaiya…
Raju, Who?
He was Anu’s driver. Whereever we used to go, he is the one who always drive us.
Do you have his number?
Yes, hoping his number isnt changed.

Neha, took her phone and searched Raju Bhaiya’s number and called him.
It rings and get disconnectd.
She tried again, again disconnectd.
And she tried calling him 7-8 times and it always get disconnected.

I think even Raju Bhaiya’s phone number is changed. How I m suppose to track Anu Now.
We will surely find her Neha, don’t worry.
I wish we will.
Its too late now, give me sometime I’ll cook a quick dinner.
O.K., Don’t trouble yourself much. Just cook maggi.
Oh OK. (And Neha entered Kitchen)

They were about to finish their quick dinner and Neha’s phone rang *Tringggg* *Tringgg*

Neha lookes at the phone – It shows – Raju Bhaiya calling.

Neha quickly received the call and said hello!
Raju Bhaiya- Hello, Kaun?
Neha – Raju Bhaiya, Main, Neha, Anu ki Saheli.
Raju Bhaiya – Arey Neha baby tum. Kaisi ho.
Neha – Mai theek hu bhaiya, aap kaise h aur Anu?
Raju Bhaiya – Mai theek hu but Anu baby….
Neha – Kya hua Anu ko?
Raju Bhaiya – Anu Baby ne to suicide kr li thi.
Neha (Shockingly) – What?

And phone fell from her hands and disconnect. Neha was choking, she was unable to speak.
Nikhil asked, What happened Neha?
Anu commited suicide. She is no more. Anu left me all alone. Its my fault. I am the culprit here.

Nikhil hold Neha tightly and Neha cried loudly.


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