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Quest For Answers

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Next morning when Nikhil wake up, she started looking for Neha and he panicked, when he saw unconsious Neha on the floor, near the attic. He rushed to her and sprinkle some water on her face to wake her.

Neha – there is someone in the attic, I saw her. And the attic looked likes a properly arranged room. Check the pics, here you go (Neha hand over, Nikhil a bunch of pics).

I went to attic last night, the lights were flickering but I managed to click these pic to show you. So that you will believe me, that there is something wrong in here. Nikhil checked the pics, there was nothing unusual in the pics. He was shocked.

He help Neha to standup, and sit comfortably and looked at the pics again. And said, these are out attic pics Neha, there’s nothing wrong in it.

Neha, looked at him and started gazing the pics. How can this be true. Nikhil trust me, it was all new inside, perfectly arranged stuff and I saw someond, a girl… Neha started crying loudly.

Nikhil again calm her down but couldn’t keep his questions to himself now and the quest to answers begin.

Nikhil asked Neha to tell him everything in detail , so that he can help her. And Neha told her everything, from how everything she was reading in the book, turn out to be true around her to how she feel that books reads everything happening around her. How she is trouble andd how badly she want answers so that all this can end.

Nikhil listened to her calmly and said you are going through all this, why didn’t you tell me anything before. Calm down I am here with you. We will read the book and finish it off together now.


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